Add Apps From a Subscribed Pack

Packs are made up of Apps, and if you are subscribed to a pack, you have access to its apps. If a user's access to an app was not given or was removed, this article will show how to re-add an app for a Method User.

Before you can give access to an app, the pack must first be subscribed to. Check our article Subscribing to Packs and Apps.

  1. Click Add / Remove Apps near the bottom of the dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the list of Installed App Packs, and select the pack which contains the app you wish to get access to. In our example, we will use the Purchase Transactions pack.
  3. You are given a list of all the apps found in this pack. Find the app you wish to get access to and click the Expand link.
  4.  You can give each user on your Method account access to each app by clicking the Access checkbox.
    The ability to customize and manage the app are greyed out; these permissions must be assigned from the User Permissions screen. This menu is strictly used to grant access to the apps.
  5. When you have finished granting access to your users, click Save. You can then return to your dashboard.

If you wish to grant access to apps on a user basis, it will be easier to do so from the User Permissions screen.

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