Unsubscribing from packs and apps

How to remove packs and apps from your Method account

This documentation will walk you through the process of unsubscribing users from packs and apps so they no longer appear on the dashboard, and you are no longer charged for their use.

If you remove all users from a pack, your Method account will no longer be charged for that pack. This is how you remove a pack from your Method account.

If you have a trial Method account

  1. At the top of the screen, click the Subscribe.
    Only users with administrative permissions will be able to access this screen. Please see Managing user permissions for more information on administrative access.
  2. This will open up your subscription billing screen. Within Subscription Summary, find the Manage Subscription link and select it.
  3. The next screen shows your installed packs and how many users you have for each. To remove access, select the desired pack in the list.
    In this example, we will select the Contacts Management Pack to remove access to the Activities App. 
  4. This opens the Permissions screen for that pack:
  5. In order to remove a user completely, you must expand each app by clicking the expand link and remove the user's access by unchecking the access box.
    In this example, we have expanded the Activities app to remove Errol's access permissions. 

When you have completely removed the user's access to all apps in a pack, your total users are updated to reflect this. The apps connected to this pack no longer appear on this user's dashboard.

Again, to completely unsubscribe to a pack, you must follow the steps above to remove access for every user.

Any previously-installed pack will still appear on your Subscriptions page, should you wish to subscribe individual users to it.

If you are subscribed to Method

Unsubscribing to packs and apps are similar to above, except for how to get to the Subscription List screen.

  1. At the top right of the screen, select the Gear and then select Permissions
  2. Continue with step 3 above as if you had a trial account.


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