Outlook.com server settings

Below are there recommended email server settings (SMTP mail server) for Outlook.com (and Hotmail) users.

Windows Live users can follow the same settings.
  1. From your Method dashboard, click the Gear icon and choose Preferences > Email.
  2. Scroll down to Company Settings.
  3. Use the following settings:
    • For Email Server use "smtp-mail.outlook.com".
    • Fill in your Email User Name, typically your full email address.
    • Enter your Email Password, the same password used to access your email.
    • Specify 587 or 25 for the Port.
    • Ensure SSL is checked. This is a security feature common for email servers.
    • Click Test Company Email Server Settings and wait for on-screen confirmation.
    • When done, click Save.
Even with Outlook server settings configured, email sent from Method will not show up in the sent email box.

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