How to add an image to your email signature

Within your email preferences, you can put in an email signature:

To add in an image, you would use the insert/edit image icon (), however, the dialogue that pops up asks for a Source:

To add an image to your email signature, the image must be stored on the internet and you will need a URL link to that image.

To store an image on the internet, you can upload your image to an online image hosting site such as imgur


We want to use our Best4U Services logo in my email signature. 

  1. Upload logo to the imgur site as a new post.
  2. Copy the url from imgur of the logo:
  3. Navigate to email preferences:
    1. Click gear in upper right corner.
    2. Select Preferences.
    3. Select Email on the left menu.
  4. In the signature, click the insert/edit image icon ().
  5. Paste in the URL from imgur.

And now your image is in your email signature! If your signature is not showing up in your emails, please see our help article "Email Signatures do not show in emails". 

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