How to enable MethodSupport user

The MethodSupport User is a specialized user you can add that allows our support team direct access to your Method account. This user has administrative privileges and is meant to allow our support team to provide you with "hands on" help without having to come to your home or office.

MethodSupport must be enabled in order for our team to:

  • Replicate issues you're experiencing to troubleshoot
  • Check your account settings
  • Customize your screens

and much more. If you call into support asking for help, chances are we will ask you to enable MethodSupport. Here's how to do it.

MethodSupport does not have master admin permissions, which means we cannot change your subscriptions or increase/decrease users on your account.

  1. From your Method dashboard, click the Gear icon and select Preferences > Users.
  2. In your Active Users list, search for the user named MethodSupport. If you don't see it, switch the filter view to inactive users
  3. Click MethodSupport to edit the user, click the checkbox marked User is active, then click Save

And that's it! Your Method Support specialist can now access your Method account to give you the support you need.


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