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Commonly asked questions about Method:CRM
  1. How to enable MethodSupport user

    The MethodSupport User is a specialized user you can add that allows our support team direct access to your Method...

  2. Cancelling your Method account

    The following steps will show you how to cancel your Method account. The way to go about cancelling depends...

  3. How Do I Restore a Cancelled Account?

    Restoring your account after it has been cancelled

  4. Prepay Plan

    Prepay is a payment option that gives Method customers the option to pay for 12 months of Method up...

  5. Email Signatures Do not Show in Emails

    Email signatures are defined in the Profile Preferences for each Method User. Updating An Email Template In many cases,...

  6. Uninstalling the Method Sync Engine

    If you have to reinstall or you have cancelled your account, you will want to uninstall the Method Sync...

  7. Using Method on Mac

    There is a common misconception that Method cannot work on a Mac. This is not exactly true. Method is...

  8. Supported tables for QuickBooks Desktop

    Method CRM’s patented sync engine accesses information from QuickBooks Desktop via Intuit’s Software Development Kit (SDK).  However, Intuit does...

  9. Supported tables for QuickBooks Online

    Method CRM accesses information from QuickBooks Online via Intuit’s Partner Platform (IPP).  However, Intuit does not allow access to...

  10. Can I convert my account for QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

    This article explains why you cannot convert a Method Desktop account to a Method for QuickBooks Online account.

  11. What is Wait for approval before syncing?

    Within Method:CRM, all QuickBooks transactions apps (Estimates, Invoices, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, etc.) have a checkbox called Wait for...

  12. How to change login email

    To change your login email, you will need to do so from the preferences page.  Note: You cannot change...

  13. Do Custom Fields in QuickBooks Desktop sync with Method?

    Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop Custom Fields

  14. Do Custom Fields in QuickBooks Online sync with Method?

    Syncing with QuickBooks Online Custom Fields

  15. How do I find my Company Account?

    There are a few times where you will need to know your company account name with Method. If you...

  16. How to add an image to your email signature

    Within your email preferences, you can put in an email signature: To add in an image, you would use...

  17. Why can't I see my past transactions?

    Transactions are held in Method for a specific period of time. Once a transaction falls out of this sync...

  18. Can Method Restore My QuickBooks?

    Method should not be used to backup or restore your QuickBooks file. QuickBooks has the ability to create backups...

  19. Is my information safe?

    Security and Backup

  20. Where can I find help for Method Classic?

    Classic version of Method

  21. Is Method HIPAA compliant?

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  22. Comparing the New and Classic Versions of Method

    This article is intended for users of our Classic version of Method

  23. Can I Migrate One Method Account to Another?

    Account migrations for Method New and Classic

  24. Does Method Support Multi-Currency?

    Multi-currency and QuickBooks Online

  25. Will Condensing my QuickBooks file Affect Method?

    How does condensing your QuickBooks Desktop file impact Method?

  26. Is the Method Gmail Gadget Being Shut Down?

    The Gmail Gadget will be replaced by the Method:Sidebar for Gmail

  27. Should I Purge my Data in QuickBooks Online?

    Should use QuickBooks Online's utility to wipe the data in your account?

  28. Why do I have duplicate customers when I convert a lead?

    You may have duplicate customers when you convert a lead. This occurs when: A lead is created in Method....

  29. How to Size and Line up your Logo in Report Designer

    Getting your logo displaying correctly in transaction print templates

  30. Why are my transaction numbers blank?

    If you are using Method:CRM with QuickBooks Online, this article outlines why transactions numbers are empty.

  31. How Do I Make A Version Live?

    If you customize a screen, you may want to make the version you are working on live for others to see.

  32. What is Method Labs?

    New features coming soon.

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