Copy a Transaction Print Template

How to copy a Estimate/Invoice/etc. template in Report Designer

All transaction print templates are created using the Report Designer. If you wish to make changes to any transaction pdf you send to your customer, you would have to do so in the Report Designer. 

However, it is recommended you make a copy of the print template before you start editing it. This document will walk you through that process, using the Estimate transaction as an example. 

Before you can make changes to any print template, you need to Download the Method Report Designer. This software is only available on Windows.

Copying a Print Template

  1. Open the Report Designer.
  2. Select File > Open
  3. Enter in your account details and then hit Connect.
    If you don't know your account name, log into your Method account. In the URL of your browser, your account name is the text before "". In the below example, my account name would be "popandskate". 
  4. Under Choose a report to open, find the report you wish to copy, and then select Open. In the below example, we have chosen the Estimate print template (version 2).
  5.  Do not make any changes! Immediately go up to File and select Save As.
  6. This will bring up a dialog box to save a new copy of the report. Change the Report name, Report Description, and then click Create New Report.
  7. You can now make any changes you want. When you are happy with your report, select File and then Save.

Using your Custom Print Template

Once you have customized your transaction print template, you will want to use it in Method. To do that, you will need to change the default preferences for the transaction you modified. In the below instructions, we will continue to use the Estimate transaction as the example.

To change the default print template:

  1. Select the vertical ellipsis () on the your transaction app.
  2. Under Print Template, choose your new custom print template.

And you're done! You have changed the print template for your transactions app.

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