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List of video tutorials

The following is a list of all video tutorials for Method. These links will take you to the YouTube URL for the videos, but they can also be found embedded throughout our documentation!

Videos with the Closed Captioning symbol () have proper subtitles in case you need to mute the volume.

If you click on the document symbol () beside a video link, you will be taken to the corresponding help article.

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Live Webinars of Method

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[11:46]Video - Why Choose Method:CRM 
[38:05]Video - A Quick Tour of Method:CRM 
[19:42]Video - A Quick Tour of Method:Donor
[51:35]Video - Importing Leads & Customers 
[46:42]Video - App Fundamentals 
[47:36]Video - Personalizing Method:CRM 
[35:19]Video - Creating Custom Tables 
[58:34]Video - Building Simple Apps 
[42:50]Video - Events & Actions For Starters 
[54:39]Video - Events & Actions For Intermediate Users 
[54:08]Video - Method Guest & Public Pages 

Getting Started

Getting Started – YouTube Playlist

[0:45]Save Time with Method's QuickBooks Sync 
[3:22]Syncing Method with QuickBooks Desktop 
[2:30]Signing up to Method with QuickBooks Online 
[3:38]Adding Users 
[2:17]User Preferences 
[2:26]Subscribing to Packs and Apps 
[2:42]Unsubscribing from Packs 

Dashboard – YouTube Playlist

[0:51]Dashboard Overview 
[1:21]Dashboard Customization 


[4:06]Using Tags 

Contact Management Pack

Contacts App – YouTube Playlist

[2:54]Contacts App – Overview 
[1:43]Create a Customer 
[2:11]Create a Lead 
[1:51]Add a Contact 
[2:42]The Customer Portal 

Activities App – YouTube Playlist

[2:56]Activities App - Overview 
[1:49]Activities App - Create an Activity 
[3:19]Activities App - Create a Follow Up 

Send Email App – YouTube Playlist

[1:52]Send Email App 

Sales Transactions Pack

[4:11]The Estimates App 
[4:46]Creating an Estimate 
[4:25]Creating a Sales Order 
[3:45]The Invoices App 
[4:46]Creating an Invoice 
[4:46]Entering in a Payment 
[3:47]Creating a Sales Receipt 

Sales Pipeline Pack

Opportunities App – YouTube Playlist

[1:52]What Is an Opportunity? 
[3:14]Opportunities App - Overview 
[3:09]Opportunities App - Adding an Opportunity 
[2:16]Opportunities App - Charts 

Web to Lead – YouTube Playlist

[2:28]Web to Lead App Demo 
[2:52]Web to Lead App Setup 

Donor Management Pack

Donations App – YouTube Playlist

[2:20]What is Method:Donor? 
[3:26]Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop 
[3:09]Donations App - Preferences 
[2:52]Donations App - Logging a Donation 
[3:13]Donations App - Viewing a Donation 
[1:47]Donations App - Emailing a Receipt 
[1:39]Donations App - Printing a Thank You Letter & Receipt 

Donor Pages App – YouTube Playlist

[1:46]Donor Pages Demo 
[2:56]Donor Pages Setup - Step 1 
[3:10]Donor Pages Setup - Step 2 
[2:28]Donor Pages Setup - Step 3 

Email Campaigns Pack

Email Campaigns– YouTube Playlist

[5:26]About the Email Campaigns App

Purchase Transactions Pack

[2:43]Creating a Purchase Order 
[2:20]Creating a Bill 

Case Management Pack

Cases App – YouTube Playlist

[1:29]Cases App - Overview 
[2:43]Cases App - Adding a Case 
 [1:46]Cases App - Case Portal 
[2:38]Cases App - Case Management 
[1:45]Cases App - Case Preferences 


[4:06]Importing Customer Leads 
[2:10]The Method:Sidebar for Gmail
[2:29]MailChimp Integration


Common Scenarios / Reference

[1:33]Creating Contacts from other Apps
[2:20]Using the import tool to add to a dropdown
[3:11]Using the import tool to edit a dropdown
[5:03]Field Validation

Customization Introduction – YouTube Playlist

[4:10]Databases, Tables and Fields 
[2:41]App Introduction 
[2:22]General Settings 
[5:06]App Ribbons 
 [3:41]App Permissions and Rights 
 [4:12]Creating an App 
[4:50]Screen Management 
[4:56]Properties Panel 
[5:05]Actions and Events 

Creating a Basic App – YouTube Playlist

[1:54]#1 Introduction 
[3:31]#2 Custom Table 
[2:13]#3 Linked Fields 
[2:00]#4 Create Custom App 
[1:42]#5 New Car Search 
[3:16]#6 Styling a screen 
[2:37]#7 Nav Section 
[3:07]#8 Screen Header 
[2:52]#9 Save Buttons 
[4:54]#10 List Screen 
[2:30]#11 Snapshots and the Default Screen 
[2:07]#12 Dropdown Configuration 
[2:25]#13 Back Link 
[2:00]#14 Save Button 
[4:15]#15 Call Another Action Set 
[3:50]#16 Conditional Statements 
[2:56]#17 Edit Car Screen 
[6:14]#18 Delete Button 
[4:11]#19 Hide the Delete Button 
 [2:49]#20 App Ribbon 

Customization Objects – YouTube Playlist

[1:29]Intro to Objects
[1:46]Sections (part 1)
[2:37]Sections (part 2)
[2:23]Chart Object
[0:48]Checkbox Object
[1:01]Date/Time Picker
[2:30]Dropdown Object
[2:43]Grid Object
[1:36]HTML Object
[0:44]Icon Object
[0:53]Radio Button Object
[1:16]Text Input Object
[1:46]Text Object
[0:47]Toggle Object

Report Designer

Report Designer– YouTube Playlist

[4:25]Groups and Group Headers 
[6:00]Detail Reports 
[5:49]Calculated Fields 
[6:00]Conditional Formatting 
[4:40]Charts & Graphs: Introduction 
[4:21]Charts & Graphs: Customization 
[5:12]Charts & Graphs: Multiple Series 
[3:48]Charts & Graphs: Auto-Created Series 
[5:06]Pivot Grids: Part 1 
[4:24]Pivot Grids: Part 2 
[3:12]Print Templates for Invoice Reports 
[2:54]Overview of Scripts 


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