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Method API to automate Exporting

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  • 04-13-2016 1:28 PM

    Method API to automate Exporting


    I am new to Method API so forgive me if my problem has an easy or obvious solution. 

    I am trying to create a function that will ideally be able to automatically export every table from Method into an Excel compatible file, or at least bind this function to a button that will accomplish the same task after being pressed. 

    Is there any reasonable way to accomplish this, since using export to download every single table seems very inefficient? I have searched this forum top to bottom and the only answers I have come across just say "it can be done" but give 0 explanation or direction.

    Thank you

  • 04-25-2016 4:00 PM In reply to

    Re: Method API to automate Exporting

    HI tractortoolsdirect,

    You could retrieve a list of of tables in your Method account using the MethodAPITableListV2 call, and then loop through each table name to retrieve records using the MethodAPISelect_XMLV2 endpoint.  This would provide you with an Xml dump of a tables contents.  The data could then be manipulated into your desired format such as CSV.

    Obviously these types of requests could lead to a large amount of queries and data exchange within the API depending on the size of your account.  I will caution against performing continuous massive data downloads, as it can be flagged as API abuse.  



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