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Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks

Last post 08-03-2011 9:56 AM by John M. 4 replies.
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  • 08-08-2008 12:28 AM

    Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks

    I went to shut down my QuickBooks - said I could not close QB because 3rd party application was still logged in - method integration - so I clicked on "Shut down' on the Method icon and it went away.

     I ran a backup - sais I needed to run a rebuild - and strated that - but it wanted to close QB andrestart - and again received the error message about Method being logged in- Yet I had not restarted it, or my computer.

     This happened severl times over a  period making it very tedious to do my file maintenance and backups since I had to continually check to see if Method had started up again and if so then shutting it down.


    Stuart McClain

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  • 08-08-2008 5:52 PM In reply to

    Re: Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks


    I hear you.  I'll start off by giving a little background into the mechanics that go on behind the scenes:

    1. When there is even the slighted bit of corruption in any of the lists or transations in QuickBooks, it tends to not be forgiving to apps that add on to it.  Since Method integrates with every list and every transaction in QuickBooks, Method is especially senstive to this.

    2. When Method integrates with QuickBooks it opens a connection to QuickBooks, processes events, and then closes the connection.  If, however, QuickBooks has corruption, it tends to crash the connection, and doesn't let apps like Method gracefully close the connection.

    3. When you try to close QuickBooks, change companies, or perform a backup, it will stop you if it thinks Method is connected to it.

    4. Method actually creates a "subscription" to QuickBooks that pretty much says "when you open up a company file, can you please open me up too?".

    5. As soon as Method opens, it begins a sync with QuickBooks, and opens the connection back up again with QuickBooks while it is doing the sync.

    So, that's a little background - most of which you likely already knew, but useful knowing anyway.   The reason Method kept opening up is that QuickBooks kept closing and reopening your company file, and then QuickBooks opened up Method because that is what Method had asked it to do.  There is no way for us to say "open up Method when you open the company file, but only in situations where you are not doing a verify and rebuild data".  So it's all or nothing.  I think this is a necessary evil where the benefits outweight the drawbacks - otherwise you would always have to remember to manually open Method each time you opened QuickBooks.

    The only reason this became tedious in this scenario is because your QB file had some corruption, causing you to have to do a verify and rebuild.  In all normal day-to-day usage, it wouldn't be an issue at all.

    Sounds like everything is working as it should.  Perhaps the best solution to prevent it from being a paid in this scenario would be to have some kind of option when Method opened that said "starting sync in 10, 9, 8.......1" where you could click Cancel.  That way it wouldn't open a connection to QB and you wouldn't have had to shut it down. 

    Hopefully that makes sense, and doesn't leave you more confused than when you started!!!

    Have a good weekend,


  • 08-03-2011 1:33 AM In reply to

    Re: Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks

    Hi Paul

    I am facing a problem during the Sync of Bills with the QuickBooks. After creation of the Bills from Methods, during the sync with the QuickBooks the QuickBooks is shutting down abruptly. 

    Scenario : I have created one bill from method. Then I triedto create another Bill from Method, then when I look at the QB it is notresponding. After that  I need to close the QB and then reopen the QB.

     It is happening again and again if I create more than one Bill continuously from Method.

    Can you please let me know where the problem could be.

    Thank you

    Rajni Kumar

  • 08-03-2011 8:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks


    This question is being addressed HERE


    Michael Melo
    Product Manager
    Method Integration Inc.
  • 08-03-2011 9:56 AM In reply to

    Re: Method keeps restarting itself - unable to close QuickBooks



    I dont even know if i should be commenting on this but it woked for me. Might not work for you i dont know. About 8 years ago when i got quick books about once to 4 times a year, quickbooks would give me problems like corupped files, slow quick books start ups to name a few. Then one day i was talking a friend of mine, shes a computer admin, about my issues becasue i thought i needed a new computer. She said remove any "free" programs that  you dont do business with, all my games, my yahoo im messanger, cam software and just use that computer for work only. I wanted to clean up the computer anyways so I reformated the drive and updated everything.  I followed her advise and to that day i havent had any issues with quickbooks, strange shutdowns and no messed up files in quickbooks. Now granted this computer is really borning to use, but it does the job.

    Just my 2.5 cents.

    John M

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