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Release Notes

  • Method Updates - Feb 1st, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Page Jump for Pagination - Default set as ON for all grids (PL-15421)
    • Buttons for Editable Grids (PL-15490)
    • In Action Editor,  changed the title of the "retrieve value From Email" action to "retrieve Value From Email Gadget"  (PL-15429)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where Sales Tax Code validation on Sales Receipts was causing errors when Saving. (PL-15633)
    • Fixed issue where Item Cost was not appearing when selecting an Item on Bills. (PL-15634)
    • Fixed an issue where square brackets did not work on Editable Grids (PL-15500)
    • Fixed an issue to add the option of 5 as a minimum rows to be displayed in Editable Grids (PL-15361)
    • Fixed an issue with deleting the last line Item from transactions  (PL-15298)
    • Fixed an issue with customizing / add new fields to the Cases app  (PL-15241)
    • Fixed an issue with all day section on calendar (PL-15211)
    • Fixed an issue where duplicate Invoices are created when selecting a contact when creating a new invoice.  (PL-15154)
    • Fixed an issue with downloading a csv file when exporting from grid  (PL-14987)
    • Fixed an issue in the mobile app where estimates were not loading (PL-14738)
    • Fixed the issue with the editability of the Description Field in the Activity Calendar (PL-13998)
    • Fixed an issue to re-enable Advanced Search on iPad  (PL-13719)
    • Fixed an issue on the Method Mobile app to re-enable the Calendar view  (PL-12822)
    • Fixed an issue with one of our monitoring systems (PL-15243)
    • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Sync with Purchase Orders (PL-15041)
    • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Online Sync with Account Expenses on Bills (PL-14764)



  • Method Updates - Jan 19th, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Added a View Payment screen on the portal (PL-5591)
    • Updated the style of the Payment screen on the portal (PL-15177)

    Bug Fixes

    • Updated the field character length validation in the Contacts app to support new lengths in QuickBooks Online (PL-14399)
    • Fixed an issue with the BCC of outgoing emails in the Payments app (PL-10360)
    • Fixed an issue where Authorize.Net was missing from the portal Invoice screen (PL-15546)
    • Fixed an issue that allowed portal users to attempt to apply payments to transactions other than Invoices (PL-14344)



  • Method Updates - Jan 17th, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Improved validation has been added to the Accounts, Classes, Sales Reps, and Terms apps to check for required fields and field lengths. (PL-14609)
    • New and improved Charts have been added to the Activities, Cases, and Opportunities apps. Printable reports were also added in both PDF and Excel formats. (PL-4363)



  • Method Updates - Jan 11th, 2018

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Search for contacts from anywhere in Method using the magnifying glass found in the top right hand corner. (PL-7585)
    • View recently accessed contacts in Method using the magnifying glass found in the top right hand corner. (PL-12478)
    • The ability to jump to any page in a grid (PL-15228)
    • The ability to see the number of records being displayed on the screen as part of the metadata (PL-13825)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with to re-enable the override URL (PL-15172)
    • Fixed an issue in QuickBooks Desktop Sync with incorrectly referenced Sales Tax Code for default Non-taxable Sales Tax Code (PL-14543)
    • Fixed an issue in QuickBooks Online Sync where various field lengths for the Customer object were increased in QuickBooks Online and needed to be updated in Method to reflect the change (PL-14314)
    • Fixed an issue in QuickBooks Online Sync for Global (non US) users where resaving a paid Invoice was mistakenly resetting the balance due (PL-14802)
    • Fixed an issue where archived (deleted) QuickBooks Desktop General Sync Conflicts were be displayed after being cleared (PL-14526)
    • Fixed an issue with QuickBooks Desktop Sync where using Is Rate Percentage was causing an issue on Sales Orders (PL-13967)
    • Fixed an issue with Assign Ref Numbers in Method checkbox not being saved on multi-tenant accounts (PL-13969)
    • Fixed an issue with IsWaitingForSyncApproval being incorrectly updated to Null in specific circumstances (PL-12981)
    • Fixed an issue with Grids where unchecking items on the first page uncheck all items on other pages (PL-15291)
    • Fixed an issue when looping through a grid where it includes all rows except the first row (PL-15163)



  • Method Updates - Dec 21th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Further enhancements for Editable Grids that help with header alignment, editable or read only state, and confirmations (PL-13823)
    • Relocation and icon change of the “+” icon for setting an image for a contact (PL-14562)
    • Renaming of Data Tables to Editable Grids (PL-14918)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with incorrect error message when creating an account that starts with a number. (PL-14676)
    • Fixed issue with importing into CustomerType field. (PL.13468)
    • Fixed issue with importing files with a + in the filename. (PL-12967)
    • Fixed issue with importing related to lastname being greater than 25 characters. (PL-13500)
    • Fixed issue with importing not correctly handling $ symbols. (PL-14124)
    • Fixed issue with importing files with duplicate columns names. (PL-14241)
    • Fixed issue with importing drag and drop not working because of columns with - in the name (PL-14986)
    • Fixed an issue in the Action editor where default settings activated "Specify email settings" (PL-15052)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile where text became invisible on some of the fields on the New Contact screen (PL-14900)
    • Fixed an issues with a button becoming enabled before other actions are executed when processing credit cards (PL-14898)
    • Fixed an issue with searching Link fields on grids (PL-14887)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile when searching for contacts in new activity in mobile app. (PL-14767)
    • Fixed an issue opening actions from editable grids in screen designer while in publish mode (PL-14742)
    • Fixed an issue with the Cases table (PL-14739)
    • Fixed an issue on Mobile where Account Type Default radio buttons were misaligned (PL-14731)
    • Fixed an issue with the character function where merge fields table dropdown was displaying a vague error message  (PL-14534)
    • Fixed a small issue with Reports - Tables and Fields in the preferences table displaying unnecessary information(PL-14296)
    • Fixed an issue on the Donor page limiting amounts on the iphone (PL-13996)
    • Fixed an issue with email validation allowing comma at the end of the email field (PL-13840)
    • Fixed an issue where items could not be added to existing donations (PL-13490)
    • Fixed an issue on the Opportunities App  where charts data was not loading when user clicked on any activity from chart and click back  (PL-13105)
    • Fixed an issue with filter views where it appeared broken if another Grid on the same page was sorted (PL-12987)



  • Method Updates - Nov 30th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Enhanced Messaging on the Contacts App to provide a better explanation of the Customer / Vendor portal (PL-3711)
    • Added App-Ribbon support on Contacts for Bills and Purchase Orders (PL-14346)
    • Added App-Ribbon support on Sales Transactions for Activities
    • New look to the Cases and Email Campaigns App
    • Added Purchase Order support to the Contact Portal for Vendors
    • Improved integration with Authorize.Net - ACH and Credit Card processing (PL-14458)
    • Contacts without an image will now have letters avatars generated for them. (PL-12634)
    • Added ability to make a user an Admin when inviting a user via the Welcome screen. (PL-14358)
    • Active and Invited users now show up in the same list. (PL-14369)

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online US were able to see Tax Items that were not applicable when creating new items inside of Method (PL-13965)
    • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online saw an Account Name “???” in selection lists as one of the options (PL-14135)
    • Fixed issue where changing the Contact on the Activity did not update the Name in QuickBooks on the screen (PL-14502)
    • Fixed issue where the padding on the calendar for IOS Mobile users was inconsistent (PL - 4413)
    • Fixed issue where the Contact Name was not correctly displayed for some users in the Activity Grid (PL - 11393)
    • Fixed issue when items were added to Bills and Purchase Orders a sync was being pushed (PL-14716)
    • Fixed issue where the “No Activities” view filter for Opportunities was showing incorrect results for some users (PL-14612)
    • Fixed issue where some version of the Bills and Purchase Order apps were listing items that were “Sales Items” and not “Purchase Items” (PL-13857)
    • Fixed issue where Bill Due Date was not updating when the terms of the Bill were changed (PL-13906)
    • Fixed issue where leaving the “Due In Days” blank on the Terms App created a sync conflict (PL-14338)
    • Fixed issue where the rate was not auto-populated for some Items for QBO users on the Sales Receipt App (PL-14196)
    • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online Global users were able to only add service items to Sales Receipts (PL-14325)
    • Fixed issue where some users of Sales Orders were unable to generate pdfs (PL-14278)
    • Fixed issue where non-posted Estimates were not being filtered for correctly (PL-14359)
    • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online users were unable to Clear & New a transaction (PL-11177)
    • Fixed issue where converting a Estimate to a Sales Order for QuickBooks Desktop users was duplicating Group Items (PL-14050)
    • Fixed issue where taxes were selectable in the Invoice footer for QuickBooks Online Global users (PL-12562)
    • Fixed issue where the Memo and Customer Message fields were not visible on mobile for Sales Orders (PL-14708)
    • Fixed issue where clicking on the Entity Name did not navigate you from the Activities App to the Contacts App (PL-14623)
    • Fixed issue where some users were unable to edit the default status could not be edited or saved (PL-8885)
    • Fixed issue where some portal users were unable to Save Cases from the Portal (PL-8933)
    • Fixed issue where some users who clicked on “New Activity” from the Cases App were not being re-directed to the correct location (PL-14390)
    • Fixed issue where new activities were not inheriting the defaults when a new activity was created (PL-10850)
    • Fixed issue where sending an email from the “Send Email App” did not merge the Contact Portal URL (PL-11530)
    • Fixed issue where the Last Name was not inserted into the Customer or Vendor record from the New Contact screen (PL-14324)
    • Fixed issue where some QuickBooks Online users were unable to add a secondary contact to a Customer or Vendor (PL-14274)
    • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online Global saw the “Customer Since: 1/1/0001” in the Contact Profile (PL-14160)
    • Fixed issue where the import button was visible on the Contacts List when users were on Mobile devices (PL-14512)
    • Fixed issue where the contact image on the contacts list was offsetting the contact information (PL-14578)
    • Fixed issue where Email Campaigns was sending out 10 test emails instead of 5 test emails (PL-13670)
    • Fixed issue where users were able to change the status of Email Campaigns after it had been marked as completed (PL-14105)
    • Fixed issue where the Customer Type was visible for QuickBooks Online Users (PL-14553)
    • Modified the Location of the Contact Title Field to a more appropriate location (PL-14588)
    • Fixed issue where creating a follow-up for an email campaign sometimes did not show input fields correctly (PL-14719)
    • Fixed an issue with Grids, with deleted default views (PL-14266)
    • Fixed an issue where integer fields are displaying as decimals (PL-14574)
    • Fixed an issue with contact lists not following a fixed width (PL-14536)
    • Fixed an exclamation marks in action conditions preventing screen selection from showing (PL-14503)
    • Fixed an issue with linked fields in grids appearing as  a link (PL-13824)
    • Fixed an issue in designer where the right  hand panel collapses after search (PL-13824)
    • Fixed an issue where overnight activities were only showing on the second day’s calendar (PL-14139)
    • Fixed an issue where text was not visible while being typed in Mobile (PL-13542)
    • Fixed an issue where additional items were being blocked in an existing donation (PL-13490)
    • Fixed an issue where it appeared that Reference Numbers for Purchase Orders and Bills were not being created (PL-14518)
    • Fixed an issue with merged Customers in QuickBooks Online not being updated in Method under very specific scenarios (PL-13540)
    • Fixed issue with invited users where they would become active users when editing permissions (PL-14379)
    • Fixed issue where inviting users with invalid email address would cause the invite screen to freeze (PL-14618)



  • Method Updates - Nov 8th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Usability improvements for Editable Grids (PL-13549)
    • Ability to add new records from anywhere in Method through Global Add icon “+” (PL-13907)


    • Fixed an issue with the Class field being blanked out on save in QuickBooks Online with Invoices and Estimates (PL-12980)
    • Fixed an issue preventing blanking out Customer Message and Memo fields in QuickBooks Online with Invoices and Estimates (PL-11697)
    • Fixed an issue where Full Sync runs repeated in rare circumstances (where a reference to a linked object is never resolved) (PL-14180)
    • Fixed an issue causing a record to be Sync’ed twice (slowing down Sync) (PL-14251)
    • Fixed an issue limiting Payment Widget expiry to the year 2022 (PL-13665)
    • Fixed a layout issue with radio buttons (PL-13666)
    • Fixed a layout issue with line separators (PL-13361)
    • Fixed a layout issue with caption font weights for checkboxes (PL-13667)
    • Fixed a layout issue with caption font weights for radio buttons (PL-12993)
    • Fixed an issue checking multiple records on multiple pages with grids (PL-13051)
    • Fixed an issue with Peer-to-peer shared records (PL-13385)
    • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to edit section header text sizes (PL-14257)
    • Fixed checkbox styling on signup and signin form (PL-13449)
    • Fixed an issue where MIURL’s were not being generated correctly (PL-13501)
    • Fixed an issue with popups when using Chrome 61 for Method Classic. (PL-13908)
    • Fixed an issue where active users were being displayed in the invited user list. (PL-13012)



  • Method Updates - Oct 26th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Improved Permissions for the Contacts App
    • Improved Portal experience for Vendors


    • Fixed issue where the email link sometimes opened an extra browser tab (PL-4142)
    • Updated available preferences for Donations App (PL-4706)
    • Fixed issue where the recordID was not available in some versions of the Contacts list (PL-7017)
    • Fixed issue where email notifications were sometimes not sent from Opportunities (PL-11022)
    • Updated available preferences for Cases App (PL-11130)
    • Updated the activity list for some users who were unable to see the full contact name (PL-11393)
    • Updated Purchase Orders for some users who were using Purchase Sales Tax instead of Sales Tax (PL-11710)
    • Fixed the Donations App to show the full class name (PL-12576) 
    • Fixed issue where the RecordID field was not available in the Sales Receipt List (PL-12586)
    • Fixed issue where the auto-creation of follow-up activities was not being triggered (PL-12780)
    • Fixed issue where sales receipts - Amount not calculated when rate is created as a percentage (PL-12995) 
    • Fixed issue where the Edit Activity Email Section Not Showing when an email did not have a To address (PL-13160) 
    • Updated the donor page to capture the dedication when a donation is being processed (PL-13607) 
    • Fixed an issue where the Cases dropdown would show when the user did not have access to cases (PL-13611) 
    • Fixed issue where converting Estimate to Invoice, TxnDate did not update the transaction to the current date (PL-13671)
    • Fixed issue where some users were unable to close follow up activity (PL-13672) 
    • Fixed some overlapping fields on New/Edit Purchase Order screens when using smaller screen (PL-13755) 
    • Improved the experience for QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Global adding of bundles (PL-13853) 
    • Improved messaging on the Payments App when a payment has been processed. (PL-13855) 
    • Fixed issue where some QBO Global users experienced incorrect rates when amounts were Tax-Inclusive (PL-14043) 
    • Fixed issue where some users were not inserting Contact details (PL-14049)
    • Fixed issue where the New/Edit Case Activity expected a due date in some scenarios (PL-14051)
    • Fixed issue where users of the 'SYBUNT' report generated a test message instead of report (PL-14052)
    • Fixed issue when a new opportunity is created did not hide the follow up on Active Record Change (PL-14053) 
    • Fixed issue where Item warning message missing the text 'delete' in body when deleting an item (PL-14061) 
    • Fixed issue “CustomerRef” was not returned if Customer exists but contact does not (PL-14173) 
    • Fixed issue where the Contact Screen for some users was sending users to Google Maps with the incorrect location(PL-14276)
    • Fixed issue where the customer name and company name could exceed 41 characters (PL-14291)



  • Method Updates - Oct 18th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Update “Get More Apps” tile on the Dashboard (PL-13367)
    • Added count of skipped records when importing customers and leads (PL-12684)
    • Beta version of our new Data Table control for transaction screens (PL-13031)
    • Fixed a bug causing a sync conflict when objects are not sync’ed in the correct order (PL-13471)
    • Fixed signup error message displayed to user with existing Method logins. (PL-13370)
    • Fixed issue where launching Method from QuickBooks would not go directly into account if multiple accounts existed. (PL-13675)
    • Fixed issue with right panel not closing when another panel is launched. (PL-13494,PL-12237)
    • Fixed issue with the Cases App sometimes not respecting preferences (PL-11130. PL-14051)
    • Fixed issue where clicking an email link opened an additional window (PL-4142)
    • Fixed issue where the RecordID was not visible in the contacts list when unhidden (PL-7017)
    • Fixed issue where some versions of the Purchase Order where pulling “sales tax” (PL-11710)
    • Fixed issue where date was not updated when an Estimate was converted to an Invoice (PL-13671)
    • Updated delete service item message to provide additional information on the delete (PL-14061)
    • Fixed issue where case number would show up on screens where users did not have access to cases (PL-13611)


  • Method Updates - Sept 27th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Fixed an issue enabling sync with Google Calendar for the first time  (PL-13241)

    • Fixed the alignment of the Check box column within Grids (PL-13483)

    • Fixed an issue preventing the Refresh Control checkbox from functioning correctly (PL-13531)

    • Fixed an issue for Invoices for QuickBooks Desktop where IsRatePercent was not calculating correctly on the line item level (PL-13496)

    • Fixed an issue with Sales Orders when using IsRatePercent (PL-13495)

    • Fixed an issue preventing redirect screens from functioning when copying a screen (PL-13492)

    • Fixed an issue with importing files that have lots of blank columns causing imports to fail. (PL-13424)

    • Fixed an issue with imported customer/leads not showing phone numbers. (PL-13123)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid Advanced Search, where error was being displayed if a decimal field was included (PL-12622)

    • Fixed an issue to re-enable DateTimer picker colors (PL-12990)

    • Fixed an issue to enable empty decimal fields comparing to ‘Is Empty’ (PL-13156)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid views, fixing the correct saving of ‘Any and All’ selection criteria grouping on grid view filters (PL-13049)

    • Fixed an issue for Null or Empty comparisons (PL-13436)

    • Fixed an issue handling errors when Credit Card Number is provided but other required Credit Card fields are not included when attempting to sync Sales Receipts (PL-13690)

    • Fixed an issue saving Method custom fields in PurchaseOrderLine table (PL-13508)

    • Fixed issues ( ‘QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.’) when attempting to sync Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop (PL-13507, PL-13509)

    • Fixed an issue blanking out QuickBooks Desktop Custom Fields in Method (PL-13475)

    • Fixed an issue with the default value for field ‘Auto Apply Payments’ (PL-10773)



  • Method Updates - Sept 6th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • UX Improvements - Button menu navigation (nested workflows) has been improved (PL-12660)

    • Improved toast notification style and integrated download options when option to download a data table of information has been selected (PL-12742)
    • Checkbox and Radiobutton styles have been updated for look and improved UX (PL-12568)

    • Field Validation for Decimals, Money and Integer type fields have been added (PL-12908)


    • Fixed an issue with Grid Sorting (PL-13138)

    • Fixed an issue with App Ribbon sorting (PL-13141)

    • Fixed a display issue in Firefox (PL-13139)

    • Fixed access issues related with deleted versions of applications (PL-13331)

    • Fixed the screen title within Manage App displaying the wrong last modified information (PL-13184)

    • Fixed a performance issue related to larger image sizes uploaded to a grid (PL-12629)

    • Fixed an issue double linking user fields from the customer table down to a transaction line table (PL-12601)

    • Fixed an issue with radio buttons becoming disabled on selection of an option (PL-8015)

    • Fixed an issue with Payments on Invoices not being updated in a timely manor (PL-11693)

    • Fixed an issue when connecting to MailChimp (PL-13148)

    • Fixed an issue with MailChimp integration and custom Contacts List screen (PL-12916)

    • Fixed issue with importing into dropdown type fields. (PL-12961)

    • Fixed issue where importing was not showing warning about records with conflicts. (PL-12839)

    • Fixed issue with importing blanks into DateTime fields. (PL-12837)

    • Fixed issue where some users were getting screen access permissions after screen has been customized. (PL-9769)



  • Method Updates - Aug 16th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Improved Charts feature in designer including improved workflows, the introduction of Area and Donut charts, and the ability to select from a palette of colors. (PL-12155)


    • Fixed issue with setting multi-tenant access permissions for users. (PL-12786)

    • Fixed issue with Grids where All Rows on ALL grids on screen (regardless of the table-based on) were being selected (PL-12769)

    • Fixed issue where the Intuit QB Payment Gateway was not functioning (PL-12032)

    • Fixed issue where Mobile Screen Grids do not show Checkbox columns properly (PL-11385)

    • Fixed issue where QuickBooks Desktop custom fields on Customer entity are not being updated when modified and saved in Method:Mew (PL-11919)

    • Fixed issue where a Method-only custom field on a Sales Receipt is cleared after sync (PL-12269)

    • Fixed issue where users are unable to connect to Google Calendar from Method:New (PL-12657)

    • Fixed issue with clearing Tax Item in Method:New and Method:Classic (PL-9791)

    • Fixed issue with Transaction history not updating from Method:Classic to Method:New (PL-10456)

    • Fixed issue with sync’ing NULL values is QuickBooks Desktop custom fields (PL-12449)

    • Improved text on “Get Started With Method” to address confusion with sync completion. (PL-11930)



  • Method Updates - July 26th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • New and Improved import wizard for Customers and Leads. (PL-10446)

    • Error Messages Pop-ups have been revamped to show error messages in a clearer format to users (PL-12212)

    • Improved UI for Portal Pages (Sales Receipts & Donations)

    • Improved UI for Contacts App


    • Fixed issue with sync conflicts not reappearing after performing a sync following a Clear All on Sync Conflicts (PL-12000)

    • Fixed issue where valid calls to the API return "Your 1 calls in the last minute exceed the maximum API usage of 0 per minute."  (PL-12390)

    • Fixed issue with adjusting app tile colours and position for multi-tenancy accounts. (PL-12018)

    • Fixed issue with guest login after resetting passed for guest users. (PL-12457)  

    • Adjust size of help (?) icon. (PL-11909)

    • Unable to create a linked field between Vendor and Customer tables (PL-12217)

    • Under some cases, the Contact dropdown became disabled after creating a new contact when creating or editing an Opportunity. (PL-11912)

    • An error occurs for the Donor app when testing with Payments disabled. (PL-12407)

    • Fixed issue when copying a Grid, column actions kept the result from the original grid (PL-12273)

    • Fixed issue using Tags in a View Filter for a Grid was throwing an error. (PL-3648)

    • Fixed issue when Loop values were not refreshed after a new field was added to a table (PL-9435)

    • In Internet Explorer 11, the Show Message Action popup was shown on the right and not in the centre of the page (PL-12248)

    • RecordID should be excluded from Insert/Update tables actions (PL-9537)

    • Fixed issue when using the Prepare for Accounting action, the fields drop down was empty when used inside a loop (PL-9341)

    • Under some cases, customizing the Item List screen and selecting to duplicate the ItemList grid did not work. (PL-12507)
    • Using 'Primary' or 'Secondary' Background colours on a button menu was not displaying the same colouring as a regular button. (PL-12508)

    • Under some cases, the Web To Lead form displayed a vertical border  (PL-12506)

    • Under some cases, adding actions to OnFocus prevented users from actually selecting to put the cursor in focus on that control (PL-12108)

    • Under some cases, users were unable to Copy Screens. Click events on buttons would be unavailable. (PL-12594)

    • Fixed issue when a Save action was triggered on a screen. The Active Record Change actions were fired off even if the Record ID does not change.  (PL-12688)

    • Some QBD Users were not able to see the sales rep field in the Contacts App (PL-12581)

    • Some QBO Users were seeing invalid options for tax on Sales Receipts (PL-12093)

    • Customer Field was not available in the Contacts List (PL-12618)

    • QBD Users that have items with unit of measure we’re experiencing conflicts in some scenarios(PL-12448)

    • Payment on Customer portal was not updating the customer name correctly on screen for some users (PL-12738)

    • RecordID field was not available in the Email Templates app (PL-12755)

    • Some users of QBO Estimates were seeing extra fields on screen(PL-12573)
    • QBD - Error generated when an Alternate Contact was deleted (PL-12069)

    • QBD - Price Levels were added to the Contacts App (PL-12609)

    • Improved show message in the Payment Portal when a payment has been accepted (PL-11917)

    • QBO - First name is no longer a required field in the Contacts App (PL-9375)

    • Improved description of the Sales Orders App (PL-12454)

    • Mobile users were unable to create payments from the Contacts Portal (PL-12597)
    • Ship Address formating on sales Orders has been improved (PL-12724)

    • Lead Status / Rating / Source is now available on the Contacts App (PL-4169)

    • Validation not set up on the Twitter (PL-9384)

    • Contact List screen did not have a RecordID width (PL-7017)

    • Improved the Lead Deletion Experience (PL-10060)

    • Error when Deleting a Lead and Clicking back link from grid (PL-10068)
    • Removed "Expense Account" from Validation on Non-Inventory Items (PL-12777)

    • Import Link updated on Contacts App (PL-12768)

    • Fixed issue with incorrect values being set on occurances when using Insert Recurrence Date (PL-12209)


  • Method Updates - July 13th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Fixed issue with Gmail Gadget sign-in (PL-12439)

    • Fixed issue with QBO sync aborting due to special characters (PL-12556)


  • Method Updates - July 6th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added validation to Tables & Fields which prevents users from deleting fields that are in use on live screens (PL-11819)

    • Visual Enhancements to Estimate, Sales Order, and Invoice Customer Portal Pages

    • Enabled Edit Permissions on Accounting Lists, Sales Transactions, Purchase Transactions Apps (PL-11003)

    • Improved filters options for Donation Reports and Opportunity Reports 

    • Added Activity Reports to the Activities App

    • Added an Instagram field to the Contacts App (PL-11024)

    • Added a fresh new style to grids and reduced padding throughout the control (PL-11599)

    • Removed wait time associated to app updates. Users will now be able to navigate away from the dashboard and being using Method while app updates occur (PL-11304)

    • Added ability to send contacts to Mailchimp from Contacts grids (PL-11301)

    • Fixed issue with DateTime object defaulting to 12:00am when setting an initial time (PL-10762)

    • Fixed issue with line breaks being displayed on text fields (PL-11892)

    • Fixed issue preventing app developers from updating a picture field using actions (PL-9274)

    • Fixed issue causing the In List comparison to fail when comparing against an empty list (PL-11933)

    • Fixed issue causing drop downs to search against hidden columns (PL-9650)

    • Fixed issue causing the Call Web Service action to error at runtime if a web service call failed to return success (PL-12070)

    • Fixed issue with Advanced Search on grids failing to load in cases where tag names contain numbers (PL-10604)

    • Fixed issue preventing users to search using tag exclusions within Advanced Search on grids (PL-11196)

    • Fixed issue causing designer to not save internal notes (PL-10785)

    • Fixed issue that allowed users to delete screen controls that are referenced in grid views (PL-11171)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from accessing row values from a sorted grid (PL-11387)

    • Fixed issue causing the Payment Widget to clear on save (PL-11750)

    • Fixed issue with testing REST web services in the Call Webservice action (PL-11702)

    • Fixed issue causing Button Menus to become corrupt on copy (PL-12179)

    • Fixed issue preventing linked fields from being populated on screen after save (PL-12180)

    • Fixed issue preventing Validation Rules panel to be displayed for text inputs (PL-12181)

    • Fixed issue preventing the app developers to remove the distinct option on the Loop Through Table action (PL-11865)

    • Fixed issue with Show Message action that caused extra line spacing to be added when HTML tags are used (PL-12137) 

    • Fixed issue with Edit Contact generating an error on save when the Twitter Username length was too long (PL-9384)

    • Fixed issue where Terms were selectable for some users of QuickBooks Online on Purchase Orders (PL-10999)

    • Fixed issue where some default dates were not populated on Donation Report (PL-11154)

    • Fixed issue where users were unable to select a Thank you template for Donations (PL-11153)

    • Fixed issue where instructions to embed a Donor Page on a website were incorrectly listed (PL-4189)

    • Fixed issue where lead status and rating were not appearing correctly on the View Contact screen (PL-4169)

    • Fixed issue where some users were not receiving the correct error message when creating duplicate entities (PL-6742)

    • Fixed issue where email validation was causing duplicate entities to be created incorrectly (PL-10962)

    • Fixed issue where some users were unable to load Estimate Preferences (PL-11624)

    • Fixed issue where users with Payment Gateways we’re unable to pay invoices directly on the invoice page (PL-12100)

    • Fixed minor issues with the New / Edit Donation screen on mobile devices (PL-11871)

    • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online did not see the correct item tax options (PL-12093)

    • Fixed issue on the New / Edit Estimate where some users were experiencing issues with selecting tax associated with customer's (PL-12214)

    • Minor update to the description of Sales Orders (PL-12454)

    • Fixed issue where Tax Column was partially hidden on Estimates (PL-12480)

    • Fixed issue where accounts would show up twice on the account selection screen. (PL-12042)

    • Fixed issue where editing users in Classic would remove permissions for using in New. (PL-9956,PL-8101)

    • Update Help links in import tool. (PL-11952)

    • Fixed issue with authcode textbox displaying behind modal. (PL-8387)

    • Fixed issue with Check Permission action being reset when reordering actions (PL-12118)

    • Fixed issue with Google Calendar auto sync not working and getting disconnected (PL-11655)

    • Fixed issue where Last Completed and Finished At sync timings do not match QB Sync and Sync Results Summary page (PL-10382)

    • Fixed issue where initiating a new sync when a sync is already in progress shows incorrect values in Sync Results Summary page (PL-10506)



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