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Release Notes

  • Method Updates - Oct 18th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    New Features

    • Update “Get More Apps” tile on the Dashboard (PL-13367)
    • Added count of skipped records when importing customers and leads (PL-12684)
    • Beta version of our new Data Table control for transaction screens (PL-13031)
    • Fixed a bug causing a sync conflict when objects are not sync’ed in the correct order (PL-13471)
    • Fixed signup error message displayed to user with existing Method logins. (PL-13370)
    • Fixed issue where launching Method from QuickBooks would not go directly into account if multiple accounts existed. (PL-13675)
    • Fixed issue with right panel not closing when another panel is launched. (PL-13494,PL-12237)
    • Fixed issue with the Cases App sometimes not respecting preferences (PL-11130. PL-14051)
    • Fixed issue where clicking an email link opened an additional window (PL-4142)
    • Fixed issue where the RecordID was not visible in the contacts list when unhidden (PL-7017)
    • Fixed issue where some versions of the Purchase Order where pulling “sales tax” (PL-11710)
    • Fixed issue where date was not updated when an Estimate was converted to an Invoice (PL-13671)
    • Updated delete service item message to provide additional information on the delete (PL-14061)
    • Fixed issue where case number would show up on screens where users did not have access to cases (PL-13611)


  • Method Updates - Sept 27th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Fixed an issue enabling sync with Google Calendar for the first time  (PL-13241)

    • Fixed the alignment of the Check box column within Grids (PL-13483)

    • Fixed an issue preventing the Refresh Control checkbox from functioning correctly (PL-13531)

    • Fixed an issue for Invoices for QuickBooks Desktop where IsRatePercent was not calculating correctly on the line item level (PL-13496)

    • Fixed an issue with Sales Orders when using IsRatePercent (PL-13495)

    • Fixed an issue preventing redirect screens from functioning when copying a screen (PL-13492)

    • Fixed an issue with importing files that have lots of blank columns causing imports to fail. (PL-13424)

    • Fixed an issue with imported customer/leads not showing phone numbers. (PL-13123)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid Advanced Search, where error was being displayed if a decimal field was included (PL-12622)

    • Fixed an issue to re-enable DateTimer picker colors (PL-12990)

    • Fixed an issue to enable empty decimal fields comparing to ‘Is Empty’ (PL-13156)

    • Fixed an issue with Grid views, fixing the correct saving of ‘Any and All’ selection criteria grouping on grid view filters (PL-13049)

    • Fixed an issue for Null or Empty comparisons (PL-13436)

    • Fixed an issue handling errors when Credit Card Number is provided but other required Credit Card fields are not included when attempting to sync Sales Receipts (PL-13690)

    • Fixed an issue saving Method custom fields in PurchaseOrderLine table (PL-13508)

    • Fixed issues ( ‘QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream.’) when attempting to sync Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop (PL-13507, PL-13509)

    • Fixed an issue blanking out QuickBooks Desktop Custom Fields in Method (PL-13475)

    • Fixed an issue with the default value for field ‘Auto Apply Payments’ (PL-10773)



  • Method Updates - Sept 6th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • UX Improvements - Button menu navigation (nested workflows) has been improved (PL-12660)

    • Improved toast notification style and integrated download options when option to download a data table of information has been selected (PL-12742)
    • Checkbox and Radiobutton styles have been updated for look and improved UX (PL-12568)

    • Field Validation for Decimals, Money and Integer type fields have been added (PL-12908)


    • Fixed an issue with Grid Sorting (PL-13138)

    • Fixed an issue with App Ribbon sorting (PL-13141)

    • Fixed a display issue in Firefox (PL-13139)

    • Fixed access issues related with deleted versions of applications (PL-13331)

    • Fixed the screen title within Manage App displaying the wrong last modified information (PL-13184)

    • Fixed a performance issue related to larger image sizes uploaded to a grid (PL-12629)

    • Fixed an issue double linking user fields from the customer table down to a transaction line table (PL-12601)

    • Fixed an issue with radio buttons becoming disabled on selection of an option (PL-8015)

    • Fixed an issue with Payments on Invoices not being updated in a timely manor (PL-11693)

    • Fixed an issue when connecting to MailChimp (PL-13148)

    • Fixed an issue with MailChimp integration and custom Contacts List screen (PL-12916)

    • Fixed issue with importing into dropdown type fields. (PL-12961)

    • Fixed issue where importing was not showing warning about records with conflicts. (PL-12839)

    • Fixed issue with importing blanks into DateTime fields. (PL-12837)

    • Fixed issue where some users were getting screen access permissions after screen has been customized. (PL-9769)



  • Method Updates - Aug 16th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Improved Charts feature in designer including improved workflows, the introduction of Area and Donut charts, and the ability to select from a palette of colors. (PL-12155)


    • Fixed issue with setting multi-tenant access permissions for users. (PL-12786)

    • Fixed issue with Grids where All Rows on ALL grids on screen (regardless of the table-based on) were being selected (PL-12769)

    • Fixed issue where the Intuit QB Payment Gateway was not functioning (PL-12032)

    • Fixed issue where Mobile Screen Grids do not show Checkbox columns properly (PL-11385)

    • Fixed issue where QuickBooks Desktop custom fields on Customer entity are not being updated when modified and saved in Method:Mew (PL-11919)

    • Fixed issue where a Method-only custom field on a Sales Receipt is cleared after sync (PL-12269)

    • Fixed issue where users are unable to connect to Google Calendar from Method:New (PL-12657)

    • Fixed issue with clearing Tax Item in Method:New and Method:Classic (PL-9791)

    • Fixed issue with Transaction history not updating from Method:Classic to Method:New (PL-10456)

    • Fixed issue with sync’ing NULL values is QuickBooks Desktop custom fields (PL-12449)

    • Improved text on “Get Started With Method” to address confusion with sync completion. (PL-11930)



  • Method Updates - July 26th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • New and Improved import wizard for Customers and Leads. (PL-10446)

    • Error Messages Pop-ups have been revamped to show error messages in a clearer format to users (PL-12212)

    • Improved UI for Portal Pages (Sales Receipts & Donations)

    • Improved UI for Contacts App


    • Fixed issue with sync conflicts not reappearing after performing a sync following a Clear All on Sync Conflicts (PL-12000)

    • Fixed issue where valid calls to the API return "Your 1 calls in the last minute exceed the maximum API usage of 0 per minute."  (PL-12390)

    • Fixed issue with adjusting app tile colours and position for multi-tenancy accounts. (PL-12018)

    • Fixed issue with guest login after resetting passed for guest users. (PL-12457)  

    • Adjust size of help (?) icon. (PL-11909)

    • Unable to create a linked field between Vendor and Customer tables (PL-12217)

    • Under some cases, the Contact dropdown became disabled after creating a new contact when creating or editing an Opportunity. (PL-11912)

    • An error occurs for the Donor app when testing with Payments disabled. (PL-12407)

    • Fixed issue when copying a Grid, column actions kept the result from the original grid (PL-12273)

    • Fixed issue using Tags in a View Filter for a Grid was throwing an error. (PL-3648)

    • Fixed issue when Loop values were not refreshed after a new field was added to a table (PL-9435)

    • In Internet Explorer 11, the Show Message Action popup was shown on the right and not in the centre of the page (PL-12248)

    • RecordID should be excluded from Insert/Update tables actions (PL-9537)

    • Fixed issue when using the Prepare for Accounting action, the fields drop down was empty when used inside a loop (PL-9341)

    • Under some cases, customizing the Item List screen and selecting to duplicate the ItemList grid did not work. (PL-12507)
    • Using 'Primary' or 'Secondary' Background colours on a button menu was not displaying the same colouring as a regular button. (PL-12508)

    • Under some cases, the Web To Lead form displayed a vertical border  (PL-12506)

    • Under some cases, adding actions to OnFocus prevented users from actually selecting to put the cursor in focus on that control (PL-12108)

    • Under some cases, users were unable to Copy Screens. Click events on buttons would be unavailable. (PL-12594)

    • Fixed issue when a Save action was triggered on a screen. The Active Record Change actions were fired off even if the Record ID does not change.  (PL-12688)

    • Some QBD Users were not able to see the sales rep field in the Contacts App (PL-12581)

    • Some QBO Users were seeing invalid options for tax on Sales Receipts (PL-12093)

    • Customer Field was not available in the Contacts List (PL-12618)

    • QBD Users that have items with unit of measure we’re experiencing conflicts in some scenarios(PL-12448)

    • Payment on Customer portal was not updating the customer name correctly on screen for some users (PL-12738)

    • RecordID field was not available in the Email Templates app (PL-12755)

    • Some users of QBO Estimates were seeing extra fields on screen(PL-12573)
    • QBD - Error generated when an Alternate Contact was deleted (PL-12069)

    • QBD - Price Levels were added to the Contacts App (PL-12609)

    • Improved show message in the Payment Portal when a payment has been accepted (PL-11917)

    • QBO - First name is no longer a required field in the Contacts App (PL-9375)

    • Improved description of the Sales Orders App (PL-12454)

    • Mobile users were unable to create payments from the Contacts Portal (PL-12597)
    • Ship Address formating on sales Orders has been improved (PL-12724)

    • Lead Status / Rating / Source is now available on the Contacts App (PL-4169)

    • Validation not set up on the Twitter (PL-9384)

    • Contact List screen did not have a RecordID width (PL-7017)

    • Improved the Lead Deletion Experience (PL-10060)

    • Error when Deleting a Lead and Clicking back link from grid (PL-10068)
    • Removed "Expense Account" from Validation on Non-Inventory Items (PL-12777)

    • Import Link updated on Contacts App (PL-12768)

    • Fixed issue with incorrect values being set on occurances when using Insert Recurrence Date (PL-12209)


  • Method Updates - July 13th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Fixed issue with Gmail Gadget sign-in (PL-12439)

    • Fixed issue with QBO sync aborting due to special characters (PL-12556)


  • Method Updates - July 6th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added validation to Tables & Fields which prevents users from deleting fields that are in use on live screens (PL-11819)

    • Visual Enhancements to Estimate, Sales Order, and Invoice Customer Portal Pages

    • Enabled Edit Permissions on Accounting Lists, Sales Transactions, Purchase Transactions Apps (PL-11003)

    • Improved filters options for Donation Reports and Opportunity Reports 

    • Added Activity Reports to the Activities App

    • Added an Instagram field to the Contacts App (PL-11024)

    • Added a fresh new style to grids and reduced padding throughout the control (PL-11599)

    • Removed wait time associated to app updates. Users will now be able to navigate away from the dashboard and being using Method while app updates occur (PL-11304)

    • Added ability to send contacts to Mailchimp from Contacts grids (PL-11301)

    • Fixed issue with DateTime object defaulting to 12:00am when setting an initial time (PL-10762)

    • Fixed issue with line breaks being displayed on text fields (PL-11892)

    • Fixed issue preventing app developers from updating a picture field using actions (PL-9274)

    • Fixed issue causing the In List comparison to fail when comparing against an empty list (PL-11933)

    • Fixed issue causing drop downs to search against hidden columns (PL-9650)

    • Fixed issue causing the Call Web Service action to error at runtime if a web service call failed to return success (PL-12070)

    • Fixed issue with Advanced Search on grids failing to load in cases where tag names contain numbers (PL-10604)

    • Fixed issue preventing users to search using tag exclusions within Advanced Search on grids (PL-11196)

    • Fixed issue causing designer to not save internal notes (PL-10785)

    • Fixed issue that allowed users to delete screen controls that are referenced in grid views (PL-11171)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from accessing row values from a sorted grid (PL-11387)

    • Fixed issue causing the Payment Widget to clear on save (PL-11750)

    • Fixed issue with testing REST web services in the Call Webservice action (PL-11702)

    • Fixed issue causing Button Menus to become corrupt on copy (PL-12179)

    • Fixed issue preventing linked fields from being populated on screen after save (PL-12180)

    • Fixed issue preventing Validation Rules panel to be displayed for text inputs (PL-12181)

    • Fixed issue preventing the app developers to remove the distinct option on the Loop Through Table action (PL-11865)

    • Fixed issue with Show Message action that caused extra line spacing to be added when HTML tags are used (PL-12137) 

    • Fixed issue with Edit Contact generating an error on save when the Twitter Username length was too long (PL-9384)

    • Fixed issue where Terms were selectable for some users of QuickBooks Online on Purchase Orders (PL-10999)

    • Fixed issue where some default dates were not populated on Donation Report (PL-11154)

    • Fixed issue where users were unable to select a Thank you template for Donations (PL-11153)

    • Fixed issue where instructions to embed a Donor Page on a website were incorrectly listed (PL-4189)

    • Fixed issue where lead status and rating were not appearing correctly on the View Contact screen (PL-4169)

    • Fixed issue where some users were not receiving the correct error message when creating duplicate entities (PL-6742)

    • Fixed issue where email validation was causing duplicate entities to be created incorrectly (PL-10962)

    • Fixed issue where some users were unable to load Estimate Preferences (PL-11624)

    • Fixed issue where users with Payment Gateways we’re unable to pay invoices directly on the invoice page (PL-12100)

    • Fixed minor issues with the New / Edit Donation screen on mobile devices (PL-11871)

    • Fixed issue where some users of QuickBooks Online did not see the correct item tax options (PL-12093)

    • Fixed issue on the New / Edit Estimate where some users were experiencing issues with selecting tax associated with customer's (PL-12214)

    • Minor update to the description of Sales Orders (PL-12454)

    • Fixed issue where Tax Column was partially hidden on Estimates (PL-12480)

    • Fixed issue where accounts would show up twice on the account selection screen. (PL-12042)

    • Fixed issue where editing users in Classic would remove permissions for using in New. (PL-9956,PL-8101)

    • Update Help links in import tool. (PL-11952)

    • Fixed issue with authcode textbox displaying behind modal. (PL-8387)

    • Fixed issue with Check Permission action being reset when reordering actions (PL-12118)

    • Fixed issue with Google Calendar auto sync not working and getting disconnected (PL-11655)

    • Fixed issue where Last Completed and Finished At sync timings do not match QB Sync and Sync Results Summary page (PL-10382)

    • Fixed issue where initiating a new sync when a sync is already in progress shows incorrect values in Sync Results Summary page (PL-10506)



  • Method Updates - June 14th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added contextual help articles in product (PL-11314)

    • Added button menus - App developers can now reduce clutter of runtime screens by placing lesser used operations into a button menu (PL-11799)  

    • Updated the style of buttons within Method, softening edges and decreasing the overall width and height (PL-11799)

    • Updated the style of Show Message, softening edges and decreasing the overall width and height of the prompt (PL-11797)

    • Added ability to add attachments to record IDs using a Method action (PL-11790)

    • Added ability to change the display color of tags in Method.  Choose from up to 8 colours (PL-11833)


    • Removed Intuit Blue Dot widget from Method Classic, a feature which is being deprecated by QuickBooks (PL-11662)

    • Fixed issue with authorizing Quickbooks where clicking “No Thanks” caused an error (PL-11125)

    • Fixed issue preventing multi-tenancy session variables from being displayed (PL-11698)

    • Fixed issue preventing the Account Name session variable from working in multi-tenancy accounts (PL-11737)  

    • Fixed issue preventing chart point click actions from being accessible (PL-11741)

    • Fixed issue preventing Insert Values Into Table action from working when using null values (PL-11560)

    • Fixed issue preventing screen security settings from being included in the screen copy process (PL-11172)

    • Fixed issue preventing the copy screen version prompt from being displayed when viewing an archived screen version (PL-11136)

    • Fixed issue with the format date function which caused an error to be produced when formatting an empty value (PL-10830)

    • Fixed issue in Manage Apps preventing the last modified date to be displayed correctly (PL-10497)

    • Fixed issue with controls (tag list, bound images, datetime picker) not displaying in a disabled state (PL-11155)

    • Fixed issue with Check Permission Action not displaying search results correctly in app name drop down (PL-11780)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from using Google singin on Method's mobile app (PL-11964)

    • Fixed issue with estimate subtotals being incorrect in cases where items were not synced to Method (PL-11788)

    • Fixed issue with Bill Line item custom fields being reset by QBO sync. (PL-11695)

  • Method Updates - May 25th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added new action to allow app developers to loop through attachments for a given record ID.  App developers can now access properties associated to attachments such as file name, file extension and size (PL-10858)

    • Added ability to change a character from upper to lowercase (or vice versa) when renaming a tag (PL-10665)

    • General Appearance Updates to Donor Pages, Donation Reports, Opportunity Reports

    • Added new action to allow app developers to loop through attachments for a given record ID.  App developers can now access properties associated to attachments such as file name, file extension and size (PL-10858)
    • Fixed issue that allowed active users to have access to no apps or packs. (PL-11255)

    • Fixed issue with saving saving email preferences when an email address had a “_”. (PL-11234)

    • Fixed “Length of the data to decrypt is invalid” error when saving saving email preferences. (PL-11436)

    • Fixed issue with Activity occurrence times changing on updating Activity series. (PL-11265)

    • Fixed issue with ”.” not being treated as a special character when resetting passwords. (PL-11309)

    • Fixed issue causing the Loop Through Grid action to skip records when looping through a grid displaying search results (PL-11257)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from being able to copy & paste actions within Action Editor (PL-9816)

    • Fixed issued causing screen controls from loading when blank fields are formatted in a ‘Link’ format (e.g. Telephone, Email, LinkedIn, etc) (PL-11161) 

    • Fixed issue preventing users from searching dropdowns in the Check Permission action (PL-11088)

    • Fixed issue that allowed multiple date/time pickers to be open at once (PL-6239)

    • Fixed issue whereby all screen actions are displayed in the Call Another Action action, even if no actions exist (PL-11174)

    • Fixed issue with line breaks not being displayed correctly in the character function action (PL-11529)

    • Fixed issue with Export Grid that allowed users to export a grid with no data (PL-11559) 

    • Fixed issue where some users of Opportunity Reports did not produce results for some of the charts (PL-8947)

    • Fixed issue where Opportunity Reports filter selection is invalid after user navigates away from the screen (PL-6754)

    • Fixed issue where some users experience default activity preferences over-ride existing activity data (PL-11645)

    • Fixed issue where creating an Activity from the Activity Calendar Page did not correctly populate start and end times (PL-11643)

    • Fixed issue where some users of Estimates were not sending out links to estimates (PL-11716)

    • Fixed issue with Send Email app not closing properly on some accounts (PL-11633)

    • Fixed issue where some users were unable to open the preferences screen for the Estimates app (PL-11624)

    • Fixed issue where some payments were not being processed in the Payments app (PL-11641)

    • Donation Reports date ranges updated to reflect appropriate ranges for 2017 (PL-11154)

    • Fixed an issue causing customers to merge incorrectly in Method when merged in QBO (PL-11091)

  • Method Updates - May 11th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Added ability for app developers to validate text input fields:  Four new validation rules will allow app developers to define if a text input field is required, contains a valid email address, as well as the minimum and maximum characters (PL-9414)

    • Added Help icon to top nav making it easier to find product help (PL11221)

    • Added loading indicators on initial app loads (PL-11180)

    • New and Improved help center (PL-11313)

    • New and Improved look to the Donations App (PL-9862)

    • Method Sync Engine Updated to v2.0.0.22 with the following changes:

      • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Method Sync Engine from posting changes made in QuickBooks to Method in real-time (PL-10662)

      • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Method Sync Engine from switching to the correct Method account automatically when the QuickBooks company file was changed (PL-10765)
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing synchronization of data from Method multi-tenant accounts to QuickBooks Online (PL-10947)
    • Fixed issue with expressions whereby the 0 is truncated when concatenating two values (PL-10957)

    • Fixed issue with conditionals not evaluating correctly when comparing against blank text (PL-11063)

    • Fixed issue causing sections with a load state of disabled to load incorrectly (PL-11156)

    • Improved visibility of accept/reject icons in Manage Tags (PL-10666)

    • Fixed issue with radio button getting cut off on invite user screen (PL-10930)

    • Fixed issue where the New/Edit Bill screen is not cleared after save (PL-8710)

    • Fixed issue where the Email Campaign List was not showing Column Headers when selecting settings (PL-9000)

    • Fixed issue where the Classes App sometimes would not save new classes and provide an error to users (PL-8910)

    • Fixed issue where Sub-Classes were being created by default on some occasions inside of the classes app (PL-11417)

    • Fixed issue where selecting a Customer Address in Purchase orders did not always populate the shipping address (PL-11197)

    • Fixed issue on Donor Pages where the Thank you page was not loading (PL-11540)

    • Fixed issue for QuickBooks Online USA where rate could be modified for Bundles (PL-10890)
  • Method Updates - April 27th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Method Sync Engine Updated to v2.0.0.21 with the following changes:

      Improved how the Method Sync Engine logs errors, making it easier to diagnose and resolve sync issues (PL-9776)

  • Method Updates - April 26th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Added the ability to bold captions on HTMLEditor object in Designer (PL-10410)

    • Increased the limits of file uploader/image uploader attachments from 5mb to 25mb (PL-10844/PL-10853)

    • Added the ability to disable sections using the enable/disable action in Action Editor (PL-10744)

    • Renamed DeleteFromDesktop conflicts to Missing from QuickBooks and implemented a system for resolving Missing from QuickBooks conflicts (PL-10197)

    • Added HTTPS support for MIURL.CC links (PL-10513)

    • Fixed app ribbons to be be refreshed when changing a screen’s active record ID (PL-10852)

    • Fixed the TagList control to be refreshed when changing a screen’s active record ID (PL-11062)

    • Fixed issue preventing the TagList field from being updated using actions (PL-10973)

    • Fixed issue with copy screen which set Live versions to be editable (PL-11081)

    • Fixed issue with comparison of date fields not returning the correct result when using greater than or less than (PL-10728)

    • Fixed issue preventing designer preview not working for live versions (PL-10805)

    • Fixed issue with images not displaying with the correct alignment correctly on Public Pages (PL-10832)

    • Fixed issue where creating a new activity from Opportunity App Ribbon did not populate contact information (PL-11127)

    • Fixed issue where follow-up activities for cases were not correctly linked for some users (PL-11163)

    • Fixed issue where creating an Item without an expense account would generate an error (PL-11129)

    • Fixed issue where some users were able to modify the rate of “Bundle” items in QBO (PL-10890)

    • Fixed issue where the user signed in was being BCC’d on notification emails from the opportunities app (PL-11128)

    • Fixed issue where some users were able to see the Assigned To field in the Contacts app when connected to QBD (PL-10110)

    • Fixed issue where the number of payments in the app ribbon did not match other apps (PL-11149)

    • Fixed issue that may have caused errors when trying to load Preferences screens. (PL-9882)

    • Fixed issue where subscribed users were being asked to resubscribe when account on hold. (PL-10906)

    • Fixed an issue in the iOS app that allowed users to connect to non-production environments (PL-11035)

    • Improved conflict messaging when a record is locked in QuickBooks (PL-9721)

    • Improved the conflict details page to conform with Method’s design styles (PL-10196)

    • Improved the warning message when resetting a QB file to sync with, providing a clear explanation of when this feature should be used (PL-9949)
  • Method Updates - April 12th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Added ability to delete archived versions of Method screens  (PL-9416)

    • Updated the Activities App to have a fresh look when creating activities (PL-9873)

    • Enhanced the Call Web Service action to support additional HTTP methods such as Get, Post, Put and Delete. (PL-10606)

    • Added ability to make archived versions live (PL-10541)

    • Added the ability to manage delete rights on all apps (PL-10757)


    • Fixed issue causing some file attachments to be removed when save is called twice in an action set (PL-10737) Note: This issue only affects attachments uploaded using the legacy file uploader control.
    • Fixed issue preventing some QBO users from selecting the ‘My Contacts’ view on the Contact List screen (PL-10739)

    • Fixed issue preventing some QBO users from being able to add contacts to campaigns in the Email Campaign app (PL-10738)

    • Fixed issue causing default values on dropdowns to be populated on existing records in cases where a value had not been previously selected (PL-10712)

    • Fixed issue with looping through grids not respecting advanced search parameters (PL-10749)

    • Fixed issue preventing linked image columns to be displayed in grids (PL-10462)

    • Fixed issue preventing the current username to be defaulted on drop downs after a clear screen had been called (PL-9616)

    • Fixed issue causing duplicate snapshots to be visible within Manage Apps (PL-10173)

    • Fixed issue with Go To Screen action displaying the Contacts app as Entity (PL-10707)

    • Fixed issue preventing icon orientation from displaying correctly on runtime screens (PL-10742)

    • Fixed issue preventing newly created table fields to be displayed in Action Editor (PL-9767)

    • Fixed issue with screen copy to ensure all live accounting type versions are copied (PL-10820)

    • Fixed issue with Payments Apps where the “Auto-Apply” flag was not set to checked by default (PL-10757)

    • Fixed issue with Case URL generation causing an error when no email has been specified for a Contact (PL-10812)

    • Fixed issue where portal link was not visible to some users on the Edit Case screen (PL-10813)

    • Fixed issue where all accounts were being shown in the “Deposit To Account” field in the Sales Receipts and Payments Apps (PL-10814)

    • Fixed Cases Created Date Header not visible to all users (PL-10819)

    • Fixed Issue where Lead Sources could not be managed on the Contacts App (PL-10810)

    • Fixed Issue where Payment Gateways required users to specify a two digit country code on Donor Pages (PL-10897)

    • Fixed issue on Payments App where Clear and New was not hiding all objects on screen (PL-10826)

    • Fixed issue where rate could be modified in QBO for Item Bundles (PL-10890)

    • Fixed issue on the Invoices App where Clear and New was hiding the Assigned To Field (PL-10907)

    • Fixed issue on the Invoices and Sales Orders App where removing Bill Address 1 created a Runtime Binding Error (PL-10920)

    • Fixed issue where Inventory Items were not allow users to set a start date for QBO (PL-4825)

    • Fixed an issue causing the export to MailChimp (Method Classic) feature to timeout when exporting a very large list (PL-10391)

    • Fixed an issue preventing roaming (for RightNetworks users) from being activated on multi tenant accounts (PL-10628)

    • Fixed an issue preventing payments from syncing when created via the API and the IsAutoApply flag was not specified (PL-10694)
  • Method Updates - March 29th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.


    • Added an attachments control to designer, which allows users to attach multiple files to a recordID using drag & drop functionality (PL-5875)

    • Fresh re-design to opportunities app using a New / Edit Opportunity screen(PL-9863)

    • Added support for print templates on Purchase Orders for both QBO and QBD (PL- PL-10756)

    • Improved the Send Email action to allow app developers to include attachments added using the new attachment control (PL-5875)


    • Fixed issue with users not getting directed to the correct screen when using Sign In With Google. (PL-9296)

    • Improved handling of ambiguous addresses when plotting map point. (PL-9285)

    • Fixed issue that caused newly created app ribbons to error on click (PL-10490)

    • Fixed issue causing grid views from being displayed in the order that they are defined in Designer (PL-10412)

    • Fixed issue with the Insert Values Into Table action displaying Linked Fields (PL-10104)

    • Fixed issue with the Update Values On Screen action filtering out fields from grids (PL-10105)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from editing existing Credit Card Processing actions (PL-10582)

    • Fixed issue related to Auto-Apply Payments on Receive Payments App Impacting some Users (PL-XXXX)



  • Method Updates - March 16th, 2017

    The following updates are now live for users of Method.

    • Greatly reduced sync time of records to QBO when making changes via Method’s API (PL-8227)

    • Added ability to export data from a grid (PL-4923)

    • Added a new action to allow app developers to expand & collapse sections (PL-9490)

    • Added a new action to allow app developers to open the right panel to display system panels (PL-6690)

    • Increased character limit on tags to 50 (PL-9502)
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the iOS and Android apps to crash when selecting a link in some cases (PL-9276, PL-9249)

    • Fixed QBO sync so that tokens are refreshed automatically as expected removing the need for users to reconnect every 6 months (PL-9923)

    • Fixed an issue that was creating DeleteFromDesktop conflicts when transaction history was lowered on QBDT account (PL-10013)

    • Fixed an issue with payments auto-applying regardless of selection for QBDT accounts (PL-10207)

    • Fixed an issue that was falsely flagging some users’ Google Calendar connections as expired and preventing sync (PL-10235)

    • Fixed an issue where signup and signin would show an unsecure connection warning for some users (PL-10218)

    • Fixed issue preventing checkboxes & radio buttons from gaining focus when tabbing through the UI (PL-7555)

    • Fixed issue preventing users from editing fields within the Tables & Fields screen (PL-10253)

    • Fixed issue preventing In List & Not In List comparisons from evaluating correctly (PL-10365)

    • Fixed issue with conditional statements causing runtime error when comparing a number with a blank value (PL-10298)

    • Fixed issue with Update Value In Table causing an error when trying to update a date field with a blank value (PL-10301)

    • Fixed issue with Generate Report action failing causing an error when using a Shared User variable in the selection criteria (PL-10395)

    • Fixed issue causing loop values to become unselectable when using a loop through grids inside of another loop through grid (PL-10416)  


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