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Is QuickBooks a good accounting software for SMBs and startups?


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Today, I'm continuing to answer commonly asked questions about the accounting software QuickBooks.  For those of you who are already using QuickBooks, feel free to leave your own tips and tricks below as a comment or connect with me on Twitter.  

This is the second installment of our QuickBooks 101 blog series.  In the first posting I answered the question "What is QuickBooks?" and disucss benefits of using QuickBooks as a SMB owner.  Check out the first post here!

Is QuickBooks a good accounting software for SMBs and startups?

Yes!  Small businesses greatly benefit from using QuickBooks.  While some startups feel that they can manage their accounting in spreadsheets, QuickBooks allows you to easily gain a big-picture perspective on your company’s financials. It is also a good idea to get your accounting practices organized and within a scaleable software before your business expereinces a growth spurt.  

Will I be able to use QuickBooks even if I don't have an accounting background?

Yes! QuickBooks is user friendly and has been designed to do a lot of the accounting for you. If you don’t understand debits, credits and postings, that’s ok - you will fill in forms, like cheques and invoices, and QuickBooks will do a good deal of the accounting for you.
If you're a small business owner managing your accounting within spreadsheets, you will also love how easy tax-time becomes when you start using a program like QuickBooks.  You can quickly view one-click reports like 'Profit & Loss' to see where your business stands and can then easily share these reports with your accountant. 

What are the advantages of using QuickBooks with Method:CRM?

Method:CRM was designed with small business owners in mind - especially those who use QuickBooks. Method's patented bi-directional sync technology mirrors QuickBooks data in real-time, which means that Method:CRM users save a ton of time by only entering data once.  Virtually everything syncs back and forth between QuickBooks and Method:CRM so thousands of SMB owner love using the programs together for organizing customers, vendors, employees, invoices, sales orders, and so much more.
That's it for the second installment of QuickBooks 101.  If you have any questions you would like answered in the next post of this series, leave a comment below or send me a tweet at @MethodCRM
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