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Activities: Documentation and Video by Alex and Errol

Errol and Alex out in nature... not a common sight.

Alex: Greetings and salutations, friends and correspondents!

Errol: I normally start off with “Hello and Welcome to the Method Integration Blog Post!”

Alex: But we’re doing it together.

Errol: Then why do you get to start? I’m the starterer of these things!

Alex: That’s not a word.

Errol: You and your proper spelling...

Alex: Anyway, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of the joint documentation for Activities as of this week. The technical portion is now live on our Help Center under CRM>Activities.

Errol: And although you may be thinking I’m reiterating things I talked about last week, I have just created an eight minute video on HOW to use Activities within Method CRM, and because Danny helped me a LOT with this video, I am quite pleased with it! The Activity Playlist I released last week focused on the individual parts. With the latest video, I give an overview on the start of your day and how Activities should play into it as a whole! I hope you find it helpful!

This went through three iterations before the final product, so it's bound to be good!

Alex: If you have questions or comments about the videos or the documentation, we’d like to hear from you! Errol and I can both be reached at or leave us a comment below.

Errol: So sorry for jumping the queue on the blog post, I know we were supposed to share it with other Method Employees, but I was really excited about this video!

Alex: Yes, we can tell from listening to you...

Errol: I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Alex: Get outside, enjoy the sunshine or...whatever it is non-writers do when the weather is nice. I’ll be inside on my computer in the dark. Like a mushroom.

Errol: Bye bye! ^_^


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