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How Contractors Can Save Time

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This is a guest blog post by Matt Raiser from Tech in the Field. Matt is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and Certified Method Solution Provider who's developed a number of apps using Method.

My family purchased an asphalt maintenance business in 1997 amid the explosion of computer use and their promise of increased productivity as a result of the “paperless office.” Being the tech-savvy person of the family, I set out to find a suitable software solution for our business. We tried a few different software packages each with their own pros and cons. The software of the day did reduce many headaches but always had a glaring problem for those of us in the field service industry. The products were all installed on the computer in the office while we as crew leaders and sales reps were almost always out in the field.

When I heard about Method CRM in 2008 I knew I had found a solution that could help our business as well as other contractors in the field service industry. The more I used Method, the more I found I could customize it to meet our exact needs and save time by automating our business processes. After 5 years of fine tuning the customizations to our own Method account, I realized I had created something that wasn’t currently available: a complete software solution designed specifically for the Asphalt Industry. By creating SaaSphalt on the Method platform I am able to focus my time on the needs of the asphalt industry while leveraging the strengths that Method offers. In addition to QuickBooks integration, Gmail integration, customizable screens/reports and CRM, SaaSphalt allows asphalt contractors to:

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  1. Store property data: such as pavement area, linear feet of cracks, patching area and parking stall and stencil counts.
  2. Create production based estimates: If you know your crew can seal 2,000 square feet of pavement per man hour and one gallon of sealer covers 50 square feet, set this type of job up once and use it to create all your proposals. This gets the information out of the managers’ head and into the sales people’s hands for fast and accurate bidding.
  3. Track actual production: Track time and material usage to fine tune your proposals and create payroll at the same time.
  4. Schedule smarter: with customer zones. Assign zip codes to geographic zones so you can schedule your crews to be in the same work area, reducing costly travel time.

Sign up for SaaSphalt is done exclusively on our website and we offer a free 30 day trial. After the trial period, the subscription price is $50 per user per month. For additional information please see our website at or contact us by phone at 855-877-SaaS.

Matt Raiser

Matt Raiser
Tech In The Field

Bio: Matt has been in the asphalt business for over 15 years. He has been a Method user and Solution Provider since Method’s inception and is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. In addition to SaaSphalt, Matt also developed You Rang, the caller id / screen pop app for Method.


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