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SmartVault Plus Method CRM - Now For QuickBooks Online

One of the great strengths of Method CRM is the ability to interact with other programs in a variety of useful ways.  Of course you already know that Method syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, but you might not be aware that we also work with SmartVault.  And as of now Method integrates with SmartVault for all versions of QuickBooks, now including QuickBooks Online.

For those of you who don't already know,  SmartVault is a web-based solution that allows you to upload, store, view, and share your pertinent files and documents from anywhere on the planet, totally securely.  

If you're an existing SmartVault user, integrating SmartVault with Method CRM allows you to instantly access any of your existing SmartVault files from inside Method.

If you’re a Method user, SmartVault is valuable because it offers a unique plug-in for QuickBooks that allows you to scan, attach, and find documents within QuickBooks itself.  The SmartVault Toolbar can be added to most versions of QuickBooks including Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Online.  With it, you can view SmartVault attachments without ever leaving QuickBooks!

Additionally, SmartVault can be accessed separately from Method CRM - it is a full document management and file sharing suite in its own right.  You can access your files from any web browser, mobile device, or mapped drive.

So what are the 3 key benefits of using SmartVault with Method CRM?

1. All-in-one document management: You can securely store and share every file your business needs, including files associated with Method and/or QuickBooks, as well as files not associated with either program.  It's all-in-one!

2. Set permissions: Exert more control over your permissions by assigning specific download, viewing, and upload permissions to each user, or even each folder!

3. Track views: Finally, you have unprecedented control over your tracking.  The SmartVault activity log will show you a history of every view and action associated with your files, whether it was initiated through a web portal, through Method, from the QuickBooks Toolbar, or from any other application integrated with SmartVault.

Ready to get started?  Check out this video on setting up SmartVault with QuickBooks Online:

If you use QuickBooks Desktop, check out our Help Center article for Getting Set-Up!

For more info on SmartVault, please visit

If you have more questions or comments about our SmartVault integration or anything to do with Method CRM, please feel free to contact our support department!

How to get in touch with Support

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