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Method CRM Videos - Importing

Hello and welcome to Method CRM’s weekly blog post. My name is Errol and today, I will talk about our user tutorial videos.

Of course, I always talk about the tutorial videos. And you know what? That intro line is now seared into my brain. I think I’ve said that line so many times that it just comes out naturally when I am greeting people or just muttering to myself at the grocery store.

"Hello and welcome to cereal. My name is Errol..."

You may be thinking, “Errol, you blogged last week!” And I did! But we have so many videos that I’m working through and we get so many questions on Importing Customers and Customer Leads that I wanted to share with you right away!

This one is chock full of information; it’s broken up into three parts! I won’t link all three parts here, just the first one, but the one thing we are trying to do is put in Annotations in our YouTube links! So at the end of the video, you will see a grey bar which will take you to the next video! How awesome is that?

I tried my best to keep it to two videos, but I just kept talking.

Just to give you a hint of what’s coming, we are working on a series for Activities! Everything you wanted to know about activities will not only be given to you in video form, but also documentation! Our Technical Writer, Alex, is hard at working trying to get all of this done. So stay tuned and next month we will show you more ways to make Method CRM easy to use.

Alex and I are here hard at work. Honestly! We are!

If you have any questions, or suggestions for a video topic, by all means, please leave a comment below. You can even tweet me if you wish, @Method_Errol. Both Alex and I use social media a lot and would like to talk to other people other than ourselves!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day! Bye bye!


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Errol Elumir is the Video and User Tutorial Specialist for Method CRM. He will do his best to provide clear and concise screencasts to help you understand Method. When not recording his voice for Method, he performs in a geek band. He is also looking for more friends on twitter: @Method_Errol.