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Method CRM for QuickBooks Online now available!

It's no secret that we've been working on a QuickBooks Online version of Method CRM for some time now.  We announced that we were working on it at Scaling New Heights in May to our Method Solution Providers. We were then highlighted by Alex Barnett from Intuit with an early version using Intuit Anywhere.  Finally, we entered Method CRM for QuickBooks Online into next week's Intuit Apps Showcase contest in San Francisco.

It's also no secret to our team that we needed a QuickBooks Online solution.......we field calls every day from QuickBooks Online users who wanted to get their hands on Method CRM.

So, I'm *very* excited to announce that we are now live!  You can get Method CRM for QuickBooks Online from today. Click here to sign up:

It is available as a 90 day free trial/beta.  Currently, we sync with Customers, Employees, Vendors, Items, Estimates, Invoices and Payments.  Over the next two months we'll round out the features, and sync with the remaining transactions available to developers, as well as add compatibility with our own Method apps, such as Method Field Services (soon) and Method Expense Reports (later).



P.S. What are you doing Thursday, August 11th?  Nothing enjoyable?  Great!  In that case, you should watch Danny and me up on stage presenting Method CRM at the Intuit Apps Showcase.  We'll be wearing chef's uniforms - any guesses as to why? We could use your cheering......and.....YOUR VOTE!!  Sign up to watch the live streaming and vote from here:


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While studying at Queen's School of Business in 1999, Paul founded Alocet Incorporated, developing 'QXpress', which later became the top rated field service scheduling add-on for QuickBooks. Alocet Incorporated later went on to create Method Integration - an innovative small business management platform that allows users to create their own web apps for QuickBooks.