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User Spotlight: CSConsult creates QuickBooks custom software using Method!

The other day, I had a wonderful conversation with Antonio Macedo from CSConsult over in Liverpool, United Kingdom.  After speaking with Antonio, I knew he’d make a great user spotlight due to his rapid implementation and impressive Method customizations over the past few months.  


CSConsult began as a bookkeeping and accounting services partnership 3 years ago, but now also provides consulting services to small and medium-sized companies in the UK under the motto, “Helping your business grow”.  CSConsult’s goal is to let business managers do more of what they do best: remain focused on their business strategy!  As a business consultant, he does this by analysing their operations and then seeking out and implementing the most appropriate systems to solve his clients’ biggest problems.  Recently, CSConsult discovered and started recommending Method as a solution for increasing productivity on many fronts. 

Antonio's custom report screen

About 4-5 months ago, Antonio had been approached by a small company specializing in maintenance and redecoration, with an impressive growth in the last twelve months – from 1 man to 11 people working in 2 teams.  This company recognized the need for a technological solution, as its pen, paper and email processes were no longer satisfactory.  They wanted to streamline processes and be able to work outside of the office.  Antonio and his partner were asked to identify and deploy a system to support such growth and that would allow decentralized, online access to the company processes, such as lead management, quotes, field logistics, CRM and invoicing.  CSConsult’s client expressed that their customers – big construction contractors – were urging their subcontractors to go paperless and provide online support, so remote access was a major requirement. 

CSConsult searched and reviewed multiple options, including Method, which was discovered as a search engine result.  CSConsult quickly identified Method Integration as the best possible solution, synced with QuickBooks and started customizing screens to meet their customers’ needs, with only the help of the forums, webinar recordings and self-service documentation.  Antonio noted that this ability to customize without needing to be a developer or programmer was one of Method’s greatest strengths.  You can see the impressive customization Antonio has done to the screen below. 

Custom field services screen

Within the span of a few months, CSConsult had completed round one customizations for its client and successfully implemented the solution to the point where employees were comfortable using Method.  As opposed to typical custom programs, which tend to take many more months to go from concept to deployed, not to mention at a far greater financial expense, CSConsult had Method operational for its client in no time.  Antonio spearheaded the customization, alongside his partner, Caroline, based on the client’s guidance, and the client couldn’t have been happier with its ease of implementation for employees.

CSConsult’s client has been happily using Method and enjoying the QuickBooks remote entry while carrying out quotes and invoicing processes.  In January, the client started producing and distributing work orders and job sheets to the Field Team Leaders via electronic means.  Their next step will involve their customers accessing the Customer Portal to leave online requests for new jobs.  Last, but not least, will come the customizing and deploying of Method’s CRM features.  Productivity levels are now, and will soon be even more so, a far cry from their previous pen and paper processes!

CSConsult has since been approached by other companies interested in streamlining their field operations, and they’ve come to the realization that this solution, once believed to be a one-time solution for a single client, has a great deal of potential to be implemented for plenty of customers.  As a result, Antonio has joined the Method Solution Provider Program as a Method Certified Consultant and will actively be seeking a market in the UK to promote, sell and provide Method services to.  CSConsult is in the process of creating a page on their website to promote their Field Solutions based on Method Integration and will be tweaking their SEO in an effort to attract new leads in the UK market.  CSConsult also plans to determine whether the Method Professional Services App will work well for their own use.

If you live in the UK and you think you might benefit from CSConsult’s services, please reach out to Antonio using the contact information below.  Please also feel free to pass this information along to anyone you know who might want to take advantage of their offerings.


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Thank you Antonio for sharing your Method experience with us Big Smile



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