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QuickBooks Synchronization Improvement for Open Transactions

Today we launched version of the Method Integration Engine (the sync manger for QuickBooks integration).  This is this first big update of QuickBooks synchronization in over a year and I think you'll agree it is worth the wait. 

The following QuickBooks transactions will now connect to Method, regardless of their transaction date.

  • All unpaid QuickBooks invoices
  • All unpaid QuickBooks Statement Charges.
  • All QuickBooks credit memos and payments that are not fully applied to QuickBooks invoices or fully refunded.
  • All QuickBooks sales orders that are not manually closed or fully invoiced.
  • All QuickBooks purchase orders that are not manually closed or fully received.

In addition:

  • In the Transaction table, the balance field now reflects the Open Balance.

So in other words, you can now remotely access all outstanding QuickBooks invoices and other transactions from a web browser, without having to sync a full transaction history!  And of course, your customers can see this detail too when they log into their customer portal.

One small improvement I almost forgot to mention.....  When walking around the office and watching our own staff use Method, I noticed that they always double-click on the "m" icon in the notification area on the task bar to open the engine.........and after nothing happens, right-click and click Display.  So if our own staff keep doing it, you all must be doing it too!  Easy fix, the new Method Integration engine now supports a double-click from the notification area Embarrassed.

How do you get this update?  It will download automatically in the next few days, but if you don't want to wait, (1) make sure the Method Integration Engine is shut down; (2) download and install the update here.

If these new features help you, let me know by leaving a comment below.




l.fischer said:

This is great news!  

I subscribe to the rss feed, so get these right away.  For those who don't subcribe to the feed, it would be great if there was a quick way to e-mail this out, other than copying and pasting.  Is that possible?  

January 18, 2011 9:23 AM

Method_Danny said:

Hi Laura,

I agree that this is a fantastic feature.  I'll actually be sending out an email to all MSP's and users before the end of the day, pointing them towards this blog entry.  =)

January 18, 2011 11:09 AM

Method_Paul said:

Hey everyone - a smaller update of the engine went out today, version 1.0.191.  Read here what's new:

January 20, 2011 3:55 PM

pdirect said:

2 suggestions regarding the integration engine:

1. Use consistent language to avoid confusion.  Sometimes I see this called integration engine, other times sync engine, other times listener, other times Method Push.  I'm confused.  

2. Put this is an EASY TO FIND downloadable spot on your website!  I have searched and searched, but still can't find it.  It would make sense to be in the AppLibrary.  I shouldn't have to funnel through the blogs and/or forums in search of the current version of the method integration engine (or whatever it's called).

February 3, 2011 8:11 AM

Method_Paul said:

pdirect -

Thank you for the feedback.  Our ambition is certainly keep releasing better and better versions and let you know about what's changed, not confuse you!

Method Integration Engine - this is the part of the syncing process that you actual "see".  It's the little brown "m" on your Windows notification area that you can open to see syncing activity with QuickBooks.

Method Listener - This you can't see.  It is a separate component installed on your computer that actually listens to QuickBooks changes as they happen and reports them to the Method Integration Engine.  You don't really need to know about this....there are rarely updates, and from your perspective......other than it works really don't really care how it does it.

Method Push - this is another separate component installed on our server that you can't see.  It listens to changes in Method and lets the Method Integration Engine know about them as they happen, so that there is a real time sync to QuickBooks from Method.  Again, you can't really see it, so as long as your changes keep following into QuickBooks, you don't really care how it does it.

"Sync Engine" - this is something we use sometimes to describe the whole process without getting too geeky (like I did above) explaining all the moving parts.

Easy to Find - we always try put the download link into the blog post for the update, along with instruction (see “How do you get this update?.....” above). But you can always install it again from the QuickBooks > Synchronize tab.  Plus, it automatically checks for updates and installs them itself after every 3 times it is closed and reopened.


February 4, 2011 8:09 AM

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While studying at Queen's School of Business in 1999, Paul founded Alocet Incorporated, developing 'QXpress', which later became the top rated field service scheduling add-on for QuickBooks. Alocet Incorporated later went on to create Method Integration - an innovative small business management platform that allows users to create their own web apps for QuickBooks.