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Ho! Ho! Ho! Method is open over the holidays


'Tis the season!  It’s Christmas Eve, the spirit of the season is at its peak, and the malls are jam packed with last-minute shoppers (hopefully none of you will be one of them!).  The Method Team is excited to spend time with family and friends as we celebrate the holidays.

With that said, I’d like to mention we will be working regular office hours, but with a skeleton crew.  So, if you need us, know that the office will not be closed on any business days over the next couple of weeks.  We’re here for you!

As we reflect back on the Method developments of 2010, we’re pleased with all of our accomplishments, and we hope you feel the same way.  The New Year is just around the corner and we have ambitious plans for 2011, so you can look forward to many cool new features, apps, and great releases in the coming year Big Smile

We’d like to wish the entire Method Community a wonderful holiday season and a bright and prosperous 2011.  Make the most of the season, have fun, be safe, and enjoy!

Happy Holidays!



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