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Method Partners with SmartVault!

Good afternoon,

Today SmartVault announced the availability of their Software Developers Kit (SDK) and we at Method are excited to announce that we will be utilizing this to partner with SmartVault!  SmartVault, the award-winning document management service, made the announcement at the Intuit Solution Provider Summit 2010.  We’re here at the Summit with SmartVault, and we’re very much looking forward to hearing what attendees have to say about the new partnership.

Back in May at the Scaling New Heights Conference, there were many consultants, Pro Advisors and ISPs requesting such a partnership between Method and SmartVault.  Not only did conference attendees come to us to express the need and value of integration between Method and SmartVault, but they went so far as to create a petition!  That certainly showed us that the consultants were serious and that integration between the two products would be highly beneficial, so we took it to heart and are thrilled to tell you it is in the works.  Once we utilize the API, SmartVault capabilities will work within Method to store, view, and share files securely.  Needless to say, having SmartVault capabilities within Method is a very valuable feature and we hope you’re now looking forward to the release of this tool!

To view SmartVault’s full press release, please click here.

If you’re at the ISP Conference, please come by to say hello and ask any questions you might have about this new partnership!



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