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Method Reaches Gold Developer Status on the Intuit Marketplace!

Method reaches Intuit Gold Developer Status


Fantastic news - Method has reached gold developer status on the Intuit Marketplace!  Method couldn’t have reached gold status without loyal users such as you, so I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to our user base, particularly those who participated in the Intuit survey (a pre-requisite for gold status). 

Some of you are probably wondering “what the heck does gold developer status mean?” or even “what is this Intuit Marketplace you speak of?”

The Intuit Marketplace is an online listing of software and web based products that integrate with QuickBooks.  This marketplace serves as an excellent tool for QuickBooks users seeking software add-ons, such as those for scheduling, CRM, document management, etc.  The Marketplace provides a directory for QuickBooks users to consult, displaying reliable, tested and reviewed QuickBooks add-ons.  There is also a section for customer reviews in each product listing, where you can both read and post reviews on each product.

Products are listed in order of developer status (silver, gold) and you can search for products by name, industry, or business requirement (i.e. CRM).  Method has been listed on the Marketplace since 2008, when we successfully passed a technical review and were granted silver status.  In an effort to move towards gold status, I worked with Confluence Energy on a case study (thanks again Don!) and then applied for our customer satisfaction survey.  Now that Intuit has conducted a Method customer satisfaction survey and we scored an average rating of 9.33 overall, Intuit has awarded Method gold status on the marketplace!  Look out everybody, Method is moving up in the ranks Wink

You’ll start to notice the gold developer logo showing up on our website, handouts and other marketing materials, so now you’ll have a better idea as to what this logo means and why we’re so proud to be a gold developer on the Intuit Marketplace.

Thanks again to all survey and case study participants, and have a great day!



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