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CRM Movie #4 – Customer Portal

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This is the 4th installment in a series of 6 Method CRM movies, so if you haven’t been tuning into the movies so far and would like to watch them in order, view the Sales Center, Call Center and List Builder movies before proceeding on.   

Movie #4 – Customer Portal

The Method customer portal is a bridge from your company website that connects a customer to their account information found in QuickBooks.   Portals do more than just making your company look fortune-500 professional – they also take your customer experience to a new level as they are able to use self-service options 24 hours a day 7 days a week without having to contact you or your staff directly.  Portals are like having a full time salesperson and customer service person working for you around the clock. 

Third party portals can also be customized for vendors and partners to sign into your system.  As with everything in Method, the Method CRM Customer Portal is completely customizable, and lets your customers login to view account details, such as recent transactions and invoices. 

View CRM Movie #4 on the Customer Portal

If you have any questions after viewing the Customer Portal movie, please post them in the Method Forum where a Method Consultant will be happy to respond.  

Next up is CRM Movie #5 on real-time integration with QuickBooks, so stay tuned for my next entry.

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