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Taking QuickBooks to the cloud using Method Integration and InsynQ

Having access to your QuickBooks and business data is vital to any successful company’s survival, especially in today’s economy.  Not only does the data have to be easily accessible, it needs to be fast, secure and provide little to no additional work in order to keep it running.  It doesn’t matter how small or large your company is, the same rules apply and if you don’t think your company’s financial and business data should be a high priority, it’s time for a wakeup call.  What’s that old saying?  Time is money. Idea

Many Method users already take advantage of the fact that their QuickBooks and business data can be accessed from anywhere, provided they have access to a simple webpage.  This cuts down the immediate overhead costs of installing and administering software applications on PCs (or Macs) being used in the office.  Not to mention, if you’re a small business and you’re the one taking care of all the admin needs for your employees, you know exactly how much of a pain it can be, especially when you would rather focus on your business. 

Method allows for all your data entry to be done in the cloud, so your admin, sales, marketing, support, and remote staff never need to worry about where they can access their data.  Of course, any QuickBooks data they enter through Method is going to appear in QuickBooks just as you would expect.  Now as a business owner, I know I can have all my staff doing their data entry through Method, control what they see and how they enter data, have them use industry applications that I can tailor to my own needs by customizing Method and never have to have my employees touch QuickBooks.  Great!

What about your accounting department that needs to use QuickBooks desktop?  Or the business owner that wants to have access to his or her QuickBooks data?  Or even the accountant who now manages the QuickBooks files for their client but doesn’t want to be responsible for hosting the QuickBooks file at their own office?

Wouldn’t it be nice to put your QuickBooks desktop in the cloud so that only privileged users would have access to QuickBooks and everyone else does their data entry through Method in a controlled environment that you can change? 

Guess what?  Now you can!

I am very happy to announce our partnership with InsynQ.  InsynQ provides accounting professionals and their clients the ability to host their QuickBooks desktop in a hosted and secure environment.  This places the traditional QuickBooks desktop that you have installed on your laptop, home PC, office PC or server in “the cloud”.  That way you have access to it anytime and anywhere you want.  To make things even easier, the server on Insynq is already configured and ready for QuickBooks and for Method from day

1.  This means you can get up and running in no time. 

QuickBooks in the cloud - Method and InsynQ

With this exciting partnership, you can place your entire company’s QuickBooks and business data in the cloud and have it accessible from any location. 

Your back office (by InsynQ)

Manages your QuickBooks desktop data and is accessed only by owners, managers and accountants that need to access QuickBooks directly.

Your front office (by Method Integration)

Manages all other data entry for your admin, sales, marketing and support, including QuickBooks related data, CRM and industry applications such as Field Services, Professional Services, etc,

Listed below are a couple of example implementations.  For more information on InsynQ and getting started, click the link below:

Sample implementations of Method Integration and InsynQ

Company: Jerry’s IT Consulting Company


Jerry owns a small IT consulting company that is growing rapidly.  He needs to be able to allow his 2 office staff to schedule technicians as calls come in and also allow his field technicians to keep track of their time at a client’s location.  He would like to avoid having to manually enter in the technicians’ timesheets.  Jerry also has an accountant that comes in weekly to do his accounting since he has QuickBooks installed on his laptop.


Jerry now has his QuickBooks desktop hosted with InsynQ.  When he needs to access his QuickBooks information, he simply does so by logging into the InsynQ server.  He has also setup an additional user so that his accountant no longer needs to come into the office to do his accounting.  Jerry also setup his Method account and has his 2 office staff scheduling work through Method Field Services.  They are able to add new customers through Method and dispatch work for technicians.  The technicians also login to Method to enter in their times and see newly scheduled work.  The services times being entered and customers being added by the office staff appear in QuickBooks in real-time and the only people having to access QuickBooks directly are Jerry and his accountant.  Jerry sleeps well at night knowing his data is secure with Method and InsynQ.

Company: Mina’s Accounting Services


Mina is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  For several of her clients, Mina needs to login remotely to their computer to do their accounting work.  Mina typically needs to call the client in advance to ensure they are not using the PC she is logging into.  This is sometimes frustrating since she needs to wait until that user if off the computer before she can do any work.  For some of her other clients, Mina collects their QuickBooks file on a monthly basis in order to do the books.  Most of her clients do basic functions in QuickBooks like creating invoices, bills, entering times or receiving purchase orders.  Mina would love to have a way to manage the QuickBooks files for her clients while allowing her clients access to necessary information and allowing them to run their day to day business.  She would prefer to not host the QuickBooks files at her office since the infrastructure and security are not in place.


After learning about Method Integration, Mina was thrilled with the idea of hosting the QuickBooks files for her clients and having her clients do their data entry through Method.  All the business functions her clients needed were available using the Method interface and this meant that she would always have access to the QuickBooks desktop data.  Since InsynQ had the ability to host the QuickBooks files and run Method, Mina now has all of her client QuickBooks files hosted on InsynQ and logs onto the CPAASP(InsynQ) server to do her day to day work.  Her clients are thrilled since they’re no longer interrupted in their daily operations to assist Mina and are able to gain access to their information over a simple webpage. 


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