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Here at Method we strongly believe in a sense of Community and this is always something we keep in mind with everything that we do.  Our community members are rapidly implementing Method into their business and seeing the benefits of doing so. 

Having been in the IT and software business as long as I have, I am used to seeing the different stages a company goes through when implementing new software into their business.  The process can be very exciting and scary at the same time but in the end, when you start to see the results, it is SO rewarding.  I still and probably always will, get a kick out of hearing success stories from community members, who have embraced the power of Method and leveraged it in their business.  Big Smile

To help expedite the learning process with Method, I am excited to announce that starting next week; Method will be hosting Community Webinars.  Want to hear the best part?  These webinars will be offered FREE of charge. 

Each webinar will last approximately 30 minutes every Wednesday at 1:00pm EST and will be taught by one of our very own Business Systems Consultants.  New topics will be discussed and we will be recording all of the webinars so in case you miss it, you are able to view it at your leisure. 

So how do you stay up to date and join the webinars?  Just be sure that you are subscribed to the RSS feed on the Method Blog which you can do by clicking the link below.  The RSS feed will notify you whenever a new blog entry is made and will contain the link to the next webinar. 

Want to register for the RSS Feed?  Click HERE!

Ryan Bell will be teaching the very first webinar this coming Wednesday so lookout for the blog on this webinar to be release shortly.


Danny Do Couto
Method Integration

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Method_Danny said:

The link for the first webinar has now been posted and can be viewed by clicking the following link.

July 13, 2009 1:59 PM