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CPA Technology Advisor Podcast spreads the Method Buzz!

How do you market a product that is the Swiss Army Knife of QuickBooks-integrated apps?  I can tell you, it is quite a challenge since Method breaks Marketing 101: find the one core benefit of your product and focus all your marketing efforts on explaining that benefit.  Now, with all the things Method does, I have to wonder whether the authors of Marketing 101 (whoever you are) ever thought a product like Method would come along?  I think not.

Method solves a different unique problem for nearly every user, so we jump at opportunities to get Method in front of key industry leaders who can in turn explain Method better than we can!!

Now, what’s a marketer’s dream?  I would say when you uncover that industry-leaders have been talking passionately about your product amongst themselves – you’ve witnessed magic.  So, I have to share a recent discovery I made.

In February, I went to Shawnee, Oklahoma (yeehaw!) to have a meeting with CPA Technology Advisor.  I presented Method to a boardroom of staff, including the very successful, recently appointed Executive Editor, Darren Root.  It took a solid 10 minutes of Q&A and demonstration to reach that “ah-ha” moment, but once we struck that cord, it was clear that Method would be a huge benefit not only to end-users and developers, but to consultants in the tax and accounting industry.  I walked away with a lot of great advice and left them thinking about how revolutionary Method Integration really is.  Shortly thereafter, Danny took them through a demo highlighting the key bells and whistles that would further their understanding of Method’s capability.  Of course, Danny being Danny, left them with a lasting impression.

Little did I know, that aside from the red plastic “Welcome to Shawnee” cup I scored on my trip, we also managed to score some unexpected publicity from the encounter.   Just this week, I was checking out the CPA Technology Advisor website, when I tripped over the March 2nd podcast, which happened to discuss Method for a solid 5 minutes!  The podcast was led by none other than the highly-regarded Darren Root and Doug Sleeter, President of the Sleeter Group.  Darren and Doug clearly get what Method is all about, and are true visionary leaders in their industry. They shared some great insights into what Method is accomplishing, and we are appreciative for their recognition.

Take a moment to listen to the following podcast from the 20:30 to 25:30 marks, to hear what Darren and Doug had to say about Method!

A big thank you to Darren and Doug for your kind words and insight into Method.

I’ll be back in touch via the blog soon…

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