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Method Xora Connector – Connects QuickBooks with Xora

I love my gadgets. Geeked  I really do.  So when we started talking about making a connector that would allow Xora users to integrate with Method and of course QuickBooks, I was pretty pumped. 

Haven’t heard of Xora before?  Well, Xora is an alien creature from a distant plant named…..just kidding!  Okay, all jokes aside, if you haven’t heard of Xora yet, it’s time you did. 

Xora is a mobile workforce management solution used by more than 8000 companies.  So how does Xora help you to track and manage your workers?

  • You can see exactly where your workers are, in real-time and what they are up to.
  • Workers can easily enter their time through their phone devices, and guess what?  They can’t change the times they enter in, so you know it will be accurate.
  • Xora helps your company to be more “green” by eliminating paperwork since all time and job entries can be entered into the phone.  We like “green”.
  • Want to learn more about Xora features?  Speak to the experts at Xora by clicking the link below:

So how does the Method Xora Connector fit in?  The Method Team is all about making applications that seamlessly work with QuickBooks and solve your business needs.  The Method Xora Connector does just that!

The Method Xora Connector is a bridge that connects QuickBooks with Xora for the purpose of sending start & stop times from Xora to the QuickBooks Timesheet.  With this Method Xora Connector bridge, Xora Jobs and Users are paired with QuickBooks Customer:Jobs and Employees/Subcontractors.  All job and shift times entered into Xora are then pulled into the Method Xora Connector, which in turn posts them to QuickBooks for payroll and/or billable time.

Method Xora Connector - Workflow

So how much does it cost?  If you’re already a Method Full Blown Edition user, it’s free!  Just go to your “My Account” tab in your Method account and add the app.

Not a Method user?  The Method Xora Connector subscription is just $20.00 per month with an initial setup fee of $75.00.  The setup fee includes a 30 – 45 minute installation and training session with a connector guru.  To sign-up for the Method Xora Connector, click the link below.

Method Xora Connector Sign-up

Not a Xora user?  Setup a demo with a Xora representative by visiting their website below:

Kudos’s to Richard from our development team who has been working very hard on getting this app to where it is today.  It’s awesome!


Danny Do Couto
Method Integration

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Method_Katie said:

Good news!

I just created a Method Xora Connector Movie so you can see how Method acts as a bridge between Xora and QuickBooks.  Its pretty short so take a moment to check it out on YouTube:

March 27, 2009 3:17 PM