Looking for Small Business ERP Software?

You’re using QuickBooks and feel like you need to move to ERP software, but have you stopped to ask yourself:


“Am I asking too much of my accounting software?”


It may be time to shrink your QuickBooks file to improve its performance and adopt a customizable, QuickBooks-integrated CRM.

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Why Small Businesses Feel They Need an ERP

There are common reasons small business owners feel they’ve outgrown QuickBooks, such as slowed performance, a need for software functionality not provided in QuickBooks, or the need to delegate accounting tasks without having too many people in the QuickBooks file. But with any sort of change there are risks, and moving from QuickBooks to ERP software isn’t any different. There are costs associated with ERP software implementation and training, downtime to switch over, and annual maintenance fees.

How to Stay with QuickBooks While Experiencing ERP Benefits

Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

Condense Your QuickBooks File

Over time a company’s QuickBooks file can grow quite large, which slows down its performance. You can improve your experience by condensing your file through the Condense Data utility. It streamlines your company data file by removing unused list elements and condensing closed transactions into summary journal entries. If you’re nervous about performing this data condensing yourself, there are services recommended by QuickBooks Pro Advisors, such as
QB or not QB.

Extend QuickBooks through the App Ecosystem

One of the first tools a small business adopts is accounting software, which makes total sense — your money is at the center of your business. But what often happens is businesses start using QuickBooks for functionality it wasn’t designed for. For example, it’s common for businesses to start managing customer, lead, and vendor relationships in QuickBooks. Instead of messing up your accounting data, adopt a QuickBooks-integrated app that will allow you to stay with your QuickBooks file while extending its functionality in a way that benefits your whole team.
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.
Method:CRM Opportunity Screen showing it's different stages.

Adopt a Customizable CRM that Will Grow with Your Business

Method:CRM is a QuickBooks-integrated CRM built specifically for small businesses using QuickBooks. Method:CRM centralizes your customer and QuickBooks transaction data, so you’re empowered to streamline day-to-day operations and grow your sales. Method:CRM adapts to your business as it evolves with the powerful combination of Method’s customizable engine and deep QuickBooks integration. Instead of moving away from QuickBooks to an ERP, customize your Method:CRM account to track an unlimited number of custom fields for managing essential lead and customer data. Method’s code-free platform makes it easy to develop efficient workflows that will make both your team and your customers happier.

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