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Which version do you use?

I Use QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop

30 day free trial of Method:CRM Pro for
QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise.

I Use QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

30 day free trial of Method:CRM Pro for
QuickBooks Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 30 day trial work?
Sign up today for a free trial, no credit card needed. At any point during the trial you can go to Customize > My Account to cancel. Under My Account you can also provide payment information that will be used to convert your trial to a subscription at the end of the 30 days.

Which version is the trial on?
The trial starts with the full featured Method:CRM Pro. At anytime you can downgrade/upgrade by going to Customize > My Account.

How can I use test data until I am ready?
If you are just testing, we recommend making a backup of your real QuickBooks database, restoring it with a new name, and syncing that with Method. We do not recommend using QuickBooks sample company files. After your test run, you can ask us to reset your account so that you can start fresh with your real data.

I have multiple QuickBooks files, do I need multiple Method accounts?
Yes. You need one Method account per QuickBooks company file.

Does Method work with international versions of QuickBooks?
For QuickBooks Desktop, Method works with all international versions, including USA (2004+), Canada (2008+), UK (2008+), Australia (2008/2009+). For QuickBooks Online, Method works with the USA and Canada versions. Australia, UK and other international versions of QuickBooks Online are not yet supported.

What if I don't use QuickBooks?
You must use QuickBooks in order to use Method:CRM. Please tell us what accounting software you use, and would like us to integrate with.