Maximize Efficiency with a Shared Calendar for You and Your Team

Method’s Shared Calendar gives you and your team an effortless way to keep track of all your Method activities (scheduled phone calls, follow-up emails, meetings, etc.). The Calendar gives you a top-down view of all your activities: past, present, and future!

Shared Calendar

What are the benefits of using the Shared Calendar?

  • Eliminate Double Data Entry

    When you create and save an activity in Method, it’s immediately viewable in the calendar. You can also create and update activities directly within the calendar. No more creating calendar appointments manually — Method does the work for you!
  • No More Missed Appointments

    If a team member has scheduled a customer meeting for you or you have a recurring phone call with a vendor, Method:CRM automatically sends you an email notification so you don’t forget your upcoming appointments.
  • Transparency Across Your Team

    Easily share your Method calendar with your team without sharing all your non-Method appointments. When your whole team is aligned, it eliminates the risk of double-bookings!

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