Stay Organized by Issuing Sales Receipts in Method as Soon as Sales are Complete

Gone are the days of waiting to issue sales receipts from QuickBooks. Method’s Sales Receipts app makes it easy for sales reps to create receipts at the point of sale, whether they’re in the office or on the go. Plus, creating digital receipts in your CRM builds a complete picture of each customer’s history, which your team can use to provide top-notch service.

Why should my business use the Sales Receipts app in Method?

  • Give Your Sales Reps Autonomy to Issue Receipts

    Method’s Sales Receipts app gives your team the power to create sales receipts as soon as they’re needed, without waiting for someone with QuickBooks access. When sales receipts are issued efficiently, your customers are happy and your accountant is happier.
  • Create Sales Receipts Anytime, Anywhere

    When sales occur outside of the office, it’s a pain to remember to issue a receipt later. Create sales receipts on the spot using Method’s iOS or Android mobile app. The receipt will sync to QuickBooks automatically, so your team knows the task has been taken care of.
  • Link Sales Receipts to Other Customer Data

    Creating digital sales receipts in Method allows you to view past sales alongside other valuable customer data, like conversation records. When you have a complete picture of a customer’s history, you can provide more personalized service.

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