We Know You Love MailChimp for Email Marketing, and We Love it Too!

Our integration makes it quick and easy to continue using MailChimp while keeping all of your contacts in Method:CRM. Rather than having to export your contacts from Method, then re-import into MailChimp, we’ve done the work for you. Just select the MailChimp list you want to import your contacts to, and click! Couldn’t be easier!

What are the benefits of integrating Method with MailChimp?

  • Market to Unlimited Contacts

    By using Method:CRM to keep track of your customers and leads, you get an unlimited amount of contacts per company. That means you can market to a wider audience than you have in QuickBooks and track your relationship all at the same time!
  • Create Segments for Targeted Outreach with Your Method Data

    Your customer information lives in Method, so why not create your targeted segments using that key data? Create segments in Method based on specific criteria, like region or past purchases, then send that list to MailChimp with the click of a button!
  • Market to More Than Just Your QuickBooks Customers

    Method allows you to track potential business, which means you can target any lost deals, or deals that need that final push with campaigns. Create the lists in Method, easily send it over to MailChimp and watch your lead conversion grow and business start rolling in!

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John Conner - Breaking the Barrier, Inc.

The integration with MailChimp has allowed us to segment our customer list and export certain groups over to MailChimp for timely email campaigns.

John Conner
Breaking the Barrier, Inc.
QuickBooks Pro User

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