AERO Workflow Management for QB Online

AERO Workflow Management for QB Online

by Cloud Consultancy
Category: Professional Services

Cost: $15 per user, per month *Requires Method CRM Pro

AERO is a workflow management app designed to manage multiple staff performing multiple tasks for multiple clients and to connect those tasks to QuickBooks time tracking for billing and payroll.  This web-based app is closely integrated with Method's CRM providing a strong SaaS solution for cloud-based businesses and remote staffing.  AERO enables staff to accept responsibility for work and provides the tools to complete the work accurately and consistently.  AERO improves workflow management with its interactive control center.  AERO empowers businesses to take control of workflow with a powerful toolset for planning and tracking profitable service delivery.


  • 100% Web Based
  • Integrates with Method CRM
  • Built for mobile / remote workforce

Manage  Staff

  • Step by step details to complete work accurately and consistently
  • Integrated with procedure manual for detailed instructions on work
  • Client information at your fingertips
  • Quick links to perform tasks
  • Shortcuts to automate frequent manual work
  • Secure, central client password vault
  • Enable/disable timer to start tasks
  • Link to documents within task

Manage Clients

  • Central control grid for birds-eye view of operations
  • Monitor deadlines
  • Re-assign work
  • Setup recurring work

Manage Business

  • Integrate with Email and CRM
  • Watch key performance indicators related to client workload and staff hours
  • Track estimated duration against actual duration and average actual duration
  • View billable vs non-billable hours

Installing this app
Once you've signed up for a trial of Method:CRM, chat with our Customer Success team about accessing this feature on your account.

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