There’s an App for That: 5 Useful Business Apps You May Not Know About

We’re moving quickly into a world where smartphones and other mobile devices are part of literally everything we do. Several years ago, the number of smartphones worldwide surpassed the number of human beings. Take a moment to let that sink in.

As the number of smartphones increases, so too does the number of apps. Statista reported that at the end of 2018, Apple and Android users had 2 million apps to choose from.

By this point, most of us are familiar with using apps in our personal lives. From making grocery lists to tracking our steps to listening to podcasts during our commutes, we use apps to streamline and enhance many parts of our days.

But what about all of the hours in a day that we spend working? Some industries are slower to adopt new technology than others, so app usage may not be common at your workplace. Yet no matter what you do, you’ve likely been in a situation where you found yourself asking, “Is there an app for this?”

The answer is probably yes. Here are five apps you may not have heard of that have the potential to make your job much easier.

1. Otter: Turning spoken words into text

Businesses in all sectors can make use of transcription services — turning voice memos into written notes. The Otter app uses voice recognition algorithms to record audio and then translate that speech to text.

Imagine using this tool as part of your customer management practices. Many people find it faster to speak about ideas rather than writing them down. After important conversations with clients, create a voice memo to record the key points — then, transfer those thoughts to your CRM when you have more time.

Otter can also be a game-changer for content development. If your business creates podcasts or recorded webinar presentations, Otter lets you turn those spoken words into written content. These valuable presentations can now become blog posts, social media posts, editorial articles or published interviews, all of which contribute to your content marketing efforts.

2. Shyp: A digital process for physical shipments

When the Internet emerged as a commercial tool in the 1990s, some people wondered if the commercial world would become so digitally-driven that the traditional physical movement of goods would become an antiquated memory.

Fast-forward to 2019 and ask any post office or courier company if that’s the case. They’ll tell you that their organizations have been transformed by the need to deliver goods from online shopping.

Shyp is an app that makes the shipping process even smoother. If you’re shipping products to customers, you no longer need to go to the post office or courier drop-off centre. Instead, use your phone to take a photo of your item to ship, then use the app to select postage, packaging, and tracking options. Once you schedule a pickup, a courier comes to your location and takes the package away — it’s that simple.

3. When I Work: Employee scheduling

If you’re an older member of the workforce, then your first job likely had a printed shift schedule. Remember those days? Switching shifts meant scratching out your name and writing your co-worker’s name over top of it. Meanwhile, owners or managers who were dealing with suppliers or partners off-site just had to trust that employees were clocking in on time

Gone are the days of paper schedules that leave everyone confused about who is working when. When I Work provides a digital solution to the logistical nightmare of coordinating employee schedules and monitoring clock-ins. Among other features, When I Work lets business owners:

  • Easily schedule employee shifts
  • Find replacements to cover shifts by sending notifications to available employees
  • Receive and manage time-off requests   
  • Communicate with staff through group email or one-to-one messaging
  • Integrate with their payroll software

With this handy small business app, users can easily oversee and manage every scheduling concern through an intuitive interface.

4. Concur: Get your expenses and receipts in order

Be honest: who is responsible for organizing your business expenses and entering all receipts into your accounting software? You? Your admin assistant? Your mother?

Every business owner has had that conversation with their bookkeeper or accountant: your financial expert nags you about inputting your receipts in a timely fashion and organizing them better. But you just can’t seem to stay on top of these tasks.

Luckily, Concur puts expense management right where you already spend your time — on your smartphone. Just take a photo of each receipt and the app will automatically create, itemize, and categorize the expense entry.

Your employees can also report expenses through the app, allowing managers to review and approve them in real-time. And since Concur integrates with popular business management tools like QuickBooks, you won’t have to do any extra data entry to keep everything up to date.

5. Social App Map: An app to find the perfect social app

Sometimes trying to find the right technology to make your life easier actually makes your life harder. So if you still haven’t found the right app for your business’s social media management, don’t worry — because there’s an app for that too.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to schedule social media posts, monitor social engagement, or integrate with your CRM, the Social App Map has you covered. This simple yet very useful app acts as a database of the most commonly used social media marketing apps.

Use the search filter function to specify your needs and narrow your search to a list of viable solutions. Then, check out a convenient summary of each app, including its target customer, pricing model, and an overview of its key features.

6. A bonus app (that you may already know about…)

Even with all of the new business apps emerging, there are some classic technology solutions that should be a key part of your company’s toolkit.

A customer relationship management app like Method:CRM is a must-have for any team that needs to access or update customer data on the go. The more connected you are, the faster you can meet customers’ needs and close sales.

Plus, Method integrates with QuickBooks, so it’s like getting two apps in one! With Method, you can view past invoices, create new estimates, and process payments right from your smartphone.

If you’re looking for better workflow management, a streamlined sales process, and stronger customer relationships — there’s definitely an app for that. 😉

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