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7 Apps to Organize Your Small Business

By midnight on December 31st I had proudly mastered the art of mojito-making, but during the next morning’s brunch with friends I was challenged to improve my organizational skills for the new year. Apparently, my scatterbrained process of gathering ingredients and...

/ January 7, 2015

9 Apps and Integrations We’re Thankful For

Once again it is I, Alex - your friendly neighborhood documentation specialist - filling in for Lynda this week. Here in Canada our Thanksgiving has come and gone, but with so many U.S. customers and partners, we feel like we...

/ December 4, 2014

4 Apps to Organize Your Life

Lately it feels as though I have two jobs.  The first, of course, is Community Manager at Method. The second is Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire for my big sister, Katie.  We’re really close, so I don’t mind the extra work, and truthfully,...

/ March 20, 2014