Small Business Tips – Sales & Marketing Edition

Hey everyone, I’m back with another Resource Roundup! For this post, I’ve focused in on Sales and Marketing tips. Sales and Marketing are essential to growing your small business, and the resources below give great tips and insight on how to optimize your efforts!

One of the biggest ways for your small business to grow and get leads is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO has a lot of moving parts and can be very time consuming and tricky, so a lot of small businesses opt to hire a firm to help out. This great article by Entrepreneur gives you 10 questions you need to get answered before hiring an SEO firm.

Technology is becoming more and more important in business operations, especially in Sales and Marketing. For a small business like you, harnessing technology, like CRM systems, is key. Check out this infographic from G2 Crowd on how to build a better Sales & Marketing team with technology.

Sales & Marketing are all about leads. A while back we wrote a blog filled with tips on how your small business can generate leads. Take a look!

Once you’ve acquired your leads by using SEO and some of our tips above, and have technology, like a CRM built for small businesses, in place to help you manage them, your Sales team needs to contact them! Uberflip has created an awesome article on how your Sales team can get personal with your leads…without being creepy. Check it out here!

I’ll be posting my roundup of can’t miss Small Business Tips regularly, covering everything from accounting, software, work culture and more! So check back often 🙂

See you next time!

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