Why a Sales CRM is Crucial for Companies in the Manufacturing Industry

In order to find and close new leads while retaining existing customers, it’s essential for manufacturing businesses to employ a Sales CRM.

Manufacturing businesses who properly implement a Sales CRM gain advantages over their competitors who continue to use traditional methods.  

Why Sales Might Be Stagnating

  • Company using outdated and slow processes/software/systems
  • Being okay with the status quo, assuming the sales team knows your customers and relying too much on anecdotal evidence.
  • A lack of communication between production and sales and marketing.
  • Inability to understand why potential business is being won and lost.

Achieving Customer Service Excellence

In the manufacturing industry, maintaining strong customer relationships is a vital part of the sales team’s job. With an easy-to-manage list of customer needs, product demands, and more, you have a clearer image of how you can better optimize your processes and delivery to create better overall customer service down the road.

Increases Your Sales

With advanced customer data management and tracking, you better understand your customers, allowing you to anticipate their needs and make smarter sales decisions, faster.

And, a clearer understanding of demand for certain products will determine the workflow for the production team, making sure you always have inventory.

Discover the Best CRM Software for Manufacturing Built for Quickbooks

With Method’s QuickBooks sync, sales reps have the ability to view, edit and create new QuickBooks transactions within Method, such as Estimates, Sales Orders, and Invoices.

Your sales team can create and send out Estimates from Method even when they’re on the road. By eliminating their reliance on someone else to create their Estimates, your sales team can send out more estimates in a day. Your sales team will be happy because getting back to their leads faster will increase the likelihood of them winning the business.

Track sales opportunities from initial interest to final sale for both new and existing customers using Opportunities. Knowing the stage of each opportunity, the deal value, and its probability of closing allows your sales reps to focus on the best deals, so they can be more successful in driving revenue.

Organize and manage your company’s relationship with an unlimited number of leads in the Contacts app, which keeps leads from syncing to QuickBooks until they’re paying customers. Using lead ratings and tags to organize and manage leads makes sales reps more effective as they’re able to see which leads to focus their time on nurturing.

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