Method is Moving to Amazon Web Services

When we speak to our customers, one of the most requested improvements to Method has been its day-to-day performance. And we understand — as a small business owner, you need fast, reliable tools to run your company.

So, behind the scenes the team has been working to move our web hosting to an infrastructure better suited to the needs of our customers.  

And, as of Friday, August 21st Method will partner with Amazon for faster and more reliable hosting of Method’s server infrastructure.

What does this mean?

Method will be performing a migration of its databases and platform from our current servers to our new provider of server infrastructure – Amazon Web Services.

Why should I care?

You’ll experience a speedier Method. Looking up your contacts, creating estimates, sending out emails, and just moving within the application will be faster, which means you’ll get even more done in a day.

Method will also be a more reliable application for operating your business on. Service disruptions will be significantly reduced, if not eliminated because of Amazon’s redundancy across availability zones. Amazon’s infrastructure allows for scalability, so our customers won’t be impacted as Method grows.

The Feedback

I’m not sure if my initial experience is going to be typical of the speed of the new server, but I am very impressed right out of the gate. Converted faster than scheduled over the weekend, all of my data is intact – and it seems at this point that all of the action sets are too – and faster than ever. Awesome job!

– Joe Woodard, Woodard Companies

After almost a day of using Method on AWS, I’m proposing a name change from Method New to Method WHEW!  Here is an unsolicited email from one of my clients today. “If it is worth anything, please let the method team know that this is AWESOME, super fast compared to last week.” Another user said it’s faster than he has ever seen it and he is very impressed. Thanks so much Method team!

– Mahlon L Fisher, Computer Bookkeeping Solutions

Thanks to everyone on the Method team who gave up their weekend to make the transition a success. The last two days of working in Method have been a joy. Screens load faster, grids sort faster, actions are completed in the blink of an eye. I hope that everyone has been enjoying it as much as we have.

– Victoria Cameron, Cloud Consultancy



Method Founder & CEO

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