When entrepreneurs follow the dream of running their own business, many of them are unaware of the number of hours they will spend on tedious, mundane tasks.

The excitement of a business idea can empower an entrepreneur, but it’s the overly time consuming practices of running the business that can dampen their spirits, and even threaten the success of their business.

At Method, we’re passionate about small businesses and the people who run them. Our cloud-based CRM software is designed to eliminate time consuming admin tasks so you can focus on what matters most for growing your business.

That’s why we created Method:CRM to integrate seamlessly with Intuit’s QuickBooks and other business applications. Just like the people that make up the company, a business performs best when its programs are communicating effectively and working together.

From customer management and time tracking to expense reports and marketing automation, the Intuit ecosystem has connected apps for every small business.

Check it out!

Intuit's Ecosystem to Keep Small Businesses Growing

Source – How 5 Million Small Businesses Make and Save Money

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Posted by Rodrigo Fernandez

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