Extend the Power of QuickBooks Desktop with Method:CRM [Free Ebook]

QuickBooks Desktop products are beloved by millions of users worldwide — and for good reason! From Pro to Premier to Enterprise, this powerful accounting software allows small business owners to manage their finances effectively.

But even though QuickBooks plays a huge role in running your business, it can’t play every role. After all, desktop software has some limitations related to data access and app integrations. And accounting software isn’t so great at managing processes not related to accounting. So where does that leave a small business owner who wants a better way of doing things?

That’s where Method:CRM comes in. Method:CRM is a cloud customer relationship management system that integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. It’s a win-win situation: you can stick with the accounting software you love while extending its power far beyond accounting.

If you’re not quite sure what that means, don’t worry! We’ve put together this ebook to walk you through the benefits of connecting QuickBooks with Method:CRM, including:

  • Greater access to your QuickBooks data (for multiple users on multiple devices)
  • A better system for managing lead and customer relationships
  • The ability to connect your QuickBooks data to other apps you love
  • The power to create optimal workflows for your business

Ready to learn why a QuickBooks CRM is a game-changer? Click to download your FREE copy of “Extend the Power of QuickBooks Desktop with Method:CRM.”

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