7 Sessions You Can’t Miss at Scaling New Heights 2016

Next week, we’re making our way to the Bahamas for this year’s Scaling New Heights – an Intuit-centric conference aimed to empower small business advisors. This year, SNH is focused on helping small business advisors like you, build an epic practice that will help transform the way small businesses operate. Our team is leading 7 can’t miss sessions that focus on how you can help your small business clients and build your own epic practice!

Our introductory and intermediate sessions are focused on simplifying workflows to bring efficiency to your small business clients. They will cover everything from how to simplify your business processes to hands-on training for personalizing and creating custom apps.

Here’s a look at what we have in store for #SNH16:

1. Method: Your Clients Can Simplify Their Business with the #1 CRM for QuickBooks

Have a client that runs their business in spreadsheets and sticky notes? In this session we’ll discuss the importance of managing customer relationships in a system that integrates with QuickBooks.

WHO | Victoria Cameron, Cloud Consultancym LLC, Method Partner & Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager

WHEN | Monday, May 23 at 7 AM

2. Method: Helping Your Small Business Clients Fight Inefficiencies

In this session we’ll discuss some of the common inefficient workflows within a small business, how you can identify them within your clients and prospects, and some tools you can implement to bring efficiency to their business.

WHO | Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager & Guest Speakers from the Method Partner Program

WHEN | Monday, May 23 at 10:50 AM

3. Method: Nonprofit Solution Deep Dive

Nonprofits have inefficiencies just like small businesses do. During this session, we’ll go through the inefficiencies we all see – from fundraising to entering the donation in QuickBooks.

WHO| Gregg Bossen, QuickBooks Made Easy, Method Partner

WHEN | Monday, May 23 at 4:20 PM

4. Method:CRM for Sales & Marketing

Join us as we take you through a day in the life of a small business sales team. We’ll step into the shoes of a Sales Manager who can keep track of the entire sales pipeline, including prospective business in each stage of their sales process.

WHO | Val Shabani, Method’s Director of Education & Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager

WHEN | Tuesday, May 24 at 10:50 AM

5. Method:CRM for Customer Service

Customer Service is the backbone of every business. In this session, we’ll show you how to use Method:CRM’s unique suite of tools to provide outstanding, timely service to ensure your customers’ needs are being met. You’ll learn how a support team can create a customer case and keep track of all interactions and how to close and archive the case when the issue has been resolved.

WHO | Val Shabani, Method’s Director of Education & Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager

WHEN | Tuesday, May 24 at 4:20 PM

6. Personalizing Your Method Apps

No two business are identical, so why would they use the same out-of-box solution? During this session, we’ll teach you how to customize your CRM to match your business processes using simple drag-and-drop tools. We’ll review the foundation of how apps are built, and show you how to add your very own custom data fields which can be added to our pre-built apps to help personalize your screens.

WHO | Val Shabani, Method’s Director of Education & Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager

WHEN | Wednesday, May 25 at 8:00 AM

7. Creating New Apps

Method apps are not designed by software programmers…they’re designed by people like you. Join us as we take a look “under the hood” at what it takes to build simple apps and how Method’s designer lets you drag and drop objects and actions to customize your CRM to match the way you (and your clients) get work done, 100% code-free.

WHO | Val Shabani, Method’s Director of Education & Aner Shachar, Method Partner Account Manager

WHEN | Wednesday, May 25 at 2:00 PM

Don’t forget to drop by and visit us on the show floor! Method will be at Booth #69, hosting demos, meeting friends, handing out some awesome swag, and of course, having fun.

We’re all very excited to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and take part in another great Scaling New Heights conference!

We hope to see you there!

Paul, Barb, Jim, Val, Aner, Kaitlin & Monish

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